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Christopher Jarrold, Tuesday December 13


Christopher Jarrold
School of Experimental Psychology
University of Bristol


Verbal short-term memory (VSTM) undoubtedly improves across childhood, and understanding the causes of this increase is of both theoretical and practical importance, given links between VSTM function and vocabulary acquisition.  An influential view is that apparent changes in VSTM capacity are instead reflective of development in the use of rehearsal to support performance, but in this talk I critique that position, before putting forward a radical reassessment of the status of rehearsal in VSTM development.  I focus in particular on the claim that children undergo a qualitative change in their use of rehearsal around the age of 7.  Here I show that key evidence to support this view can be explained simply in terms of the general improvements in memory capacity, and develop the implications of this novel account for both the development of VSTM and neuropsychological cases where VSTM is compromised.

Where and when:
15:45-17:00 Dec 13, 2016
MPI Conference room 163
Shiri Lev-Ari
Julia Udden

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