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Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer, Tuesday April 18

Neurofunctional Imaging Group/University of Bordeaux


"Neuroimaging hemispheric specialization"

This presentation will expose a selection of recent results on the neural bases of Hemispheric Specialization (HS) for language and attention in relation with handedness and cognitive performances in healthy participants. These results have been obtained thanks to a database dedicated to the investigation of HS acquired by the GIN (the BIL&GIN). This database of 453 healthy subjects is balanced for gender and handedness and includes anatomical and functional neuroimaging data, behavioral, and cognitive assessments. I will present the variability of cortical lateralization observed during language tasks at the hemispheric and regional level, in groups of participants varying in type of lateralization as in individuals, and how this variability in asymmetries relates to cognitive performances. A transversal topic will concern differences emerging with variations in manual preference strength.


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Mazoyer B, Zago L, Jobard G, Crivello F, Joliot M, Perchey G, Mellet E, Petit L, Tzourio-Mazoyer N. Gaussian Mixture Modeling of Hemispheric Lateralization for Language in a Large Sample of Healthy Individuals Balanced for Handedness. PLoS One 9: e101165, 2014.

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Tzourio-Mazoyer N, Joliot M, Marie D, Mazoyer B. Variation in homotopic areas’ activity and inter-hemispheric intrinsic connectivity with type of language lateralization: an FMRI study of covert sentence generation in 297 healthy volunteers. Brain Struct Funct , 2015.

Zago L, Petit L, Jobard G, Hay J, Mazoyer B, Tzourio-Mazoyer N, Karnath HO, Mellet E. Pseudoneglect in line bisection judgement is associated with a modulation of right hemispheric spatial attention dominance in right-handers. Neuropsychologia , 2016.



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