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MPI Proudly Presents

This event is an opportunity to share the most exciting findings at MPI with colleagues, as each department has nominated a number of speakers to give presentations that are accessible to everyone.

10:00     Welcome by Peter Hagoort

10:05     Ine Alvarez van Tussenbroek (NVC) Investigating the processing of communication calls in the bat brain

10:25     Limor Raviv (POL) The role of community size in the emergence of linguistic structure

10:45     Alan Nielsen & Bill Thompson (L&C) Modelling the typological realisation of cognitive biases

11:05     Coffee Break

11:30     Amaia Carrion Castillo (L&G) Exploring genetic contributions to language lateralization in the brain

11:50     Valeria Mongelli (NBL) I know what you mean (but I may not see it) - Semantic processing in absence of awareness

12:10     Amanda Tilot (L&G) Exploring the genetics of modern human brain shape

12:30     Lunch break

13:30     Antje Meyer (POL) Smooth turn taking?

13:50     Paul Hömke (L&C) Eye blinking as addressee feedback in face-to-face conversation

14:10     Ellen Verhoef (L&G) Polygenic risk for ADHD is associated with reading- and spelling related traits

14:30     Yingying Tan (NBL) Effects of methylphenidate on semantic unification during sentence comprehension

14:50     Sara Iacozza (POL) That's a spatelhouder!-how source memory is biased by the speakers' social identity in a word-learning paradigm

15:10     Tea Break

15:40     Marvin Uhlmann (NBL) Neurobiological models of sentence processing

16:00     Midas Anijs (NVC) Lost in translation, found in language: identifying new causes of language disorders

16:20     Lot Snijders Blok (L&G) Mutations in CHD3: from speech disorder to new neurodevelopmental syndrome

16:40     Matthias Sjerps (NBL) Cortical representations of speech sounds are rapidly tuned to the speaker: evidence from electrocorticography

17:00     Mystery guest & Levelt awards

17:25     Drinks & BBQ

Where and when:
10:00-17:30 Jun 29, 2017
MPI 163 (Colloquium room)
Peter Hagoort & Carolin Lorenz
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