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MPI Proudly Presents 2016

Each department has nominated a number of speakers to give brief presentations that are accessible to everyone.

10:00        Welcome (Simon Fisher)

10:05        Marisa Casillas, Penelope Brown, and Stephen C. Levinson
                 Early communicative development in a Mayan village
10:20        Elliot Sollis
                 A Perfect Foxsimile: Identical mutations in FOXP1 and FOXP2
10:40        Anne Kosem
                 Neural oscillations reflect temporal predictions guiding speech

10.55        Will Schuerman
                 Be like me or be like everyone: Effects of phonetic
                 prototypicality on speech recognition

11:10        Coffee break

11:30        Pedro Cuadrado
                 Vocal learning in mammals: What we can learn from bats
11:50        Sean Roberts
                 Using Minecraft to study the evolution of language
12:05        Geertje van Bergen and Monique Flecken
                 The English can't  stand the bottle like the Dutch
12:20        Merel Maslowski
                  Slow speech can sound fast: How the speech rate of one talker
                  has a contrastive effect on the perception of another talker

12:35         Lunch break

13:30         Carolien de Kovel
                  Genetics of brain asymmetries
13:50         Mark Dingemanse, Will Schuerman, Eva Reinisch, Sylvia
                  Tufvesson, and Holger Mitterer

                  What sound-symbolism can and cannot do: Testing the iconicity
                  of ideophones in 5 languages

14:05         Richard Kunert
                   To be announced: Does knowing when something happens
                    increase attention and facilitate language processing?
14:20         Renske Hoedemaker
                  I said, you said: Cumulative semantic interference from self- and
                  other-produced context words

14:35        Tea break

14:55         Amanda Tilot
                  1000 coloured alphabets – decoding the genetics of

15.15        Sara Bögels, Kobin H. Kendrick, and Stephen C. Levinson
                  Never say no… How the brain interprets the pregnant pause in

15.30        Matthias Franken
                  Neural correlates of feedback processing during speech

15.45        Markus Ostarek
                  Spoken words can make the invisible visible –  Testing the
                  involvement of low-level visual representations in spoken word

16.00        Mystery guest

16.15        Closing

17.30        Drinks & BBQ

Where and when:
10:00-16:30 Jun 1, 2016
Conference Room MPI (163)

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