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MPI Proudly Presents 2018

This event is an opportunity to share the most exciting findings at MPI with colleagues, as each department has nominated a number of speakers to give presentations that are accessible to everyone.


10:00     Welcome by Peter Hagoort

10:05     Tineke Snijders
Infant neuronal sensitivity to rhythm and later language development

10:25     Ksenia Lavrichenko
Using bat genomes to understand vocal learning and language evolution

10:45     Suzanne Jongman
Resting state theta and alpha power predict cognitive control and language skills

11:05     Coffee Break

11:30     Rene Terporten
The relation between Alpha/Beta oscillations and the encoding of sentence induced contextual  information

11:50     Merel Postema
Exploring structural brain asymmetries in various disorders through the ENIGMA consortium

12:10     Karin Heidlmayr
Investigating the neural basis of shared discourse between speakers and listeners

12:30     Lunch break

13:30     Limor Raviv
The role of community size & network structure in the emergence of linguistic structure

13:50     Joery den Hoed
Investigating language-related genes in a model of human brain development

14:10     Bohan Dai
Distracting linguistic information impairs neural entrainment to attended speech

14:30     Jeroen van Paridon
lexical bottleneck in shadowing and interpreting of narratives

14:50     Christina Bergmann
The path to high-powered studies: Insights from developmental psycholinguistics

15:10     Tea Break

15:40     Chin Yang Shapland
Low frequency genetic variation in TP53 is associated with final head circumference

16:00     Phillip Allday
Putting it all together: Statistical inference across methods

16:20     David Peeters
This mystery guest or that mystery guest? Towards a cognitive theory of spatial demonstrative choice

16:40     Mystery guest & Levelt awards

This is an event for MPI members. If you would like to join, please email
Where and when:
10:00-17:00 Jun 20, 2018
MPI, conference room 163
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