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Program & Abstracts

9:30        Welcome (Peter Hagoort)

9:35        Simon Fisher
Next-generation DNA sequencing in language impairments

10:00    Sonja Vernes
Foxp2 regulation of gene networks in the developing brain

10:20    Martin Becker
Defining pathways upstream of the Foxp2 gene

10:40     Coffee break

11:00    Tulio Guadalupe
Imaging brain asymmetries

11:20    Dan Dediu
Genetic biasing of linguistic features

11:40    Alessandro Gialluisi
Persistence and transmission of recessive deafness
and sign language

12:00    Peter Hagoort
The neurobiology of language: MUC and beyond

12:30     Lunch

13:30    Dan Acheson
Explorations into the brain’s comprehension network
with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)

13:50    David Peeters
The comprehension of exophoric reference: an ERP study

14:10    Jolien Francken
Viewing through language-tinted glasses:
how language shapes our perception of the world?

14:30    Mingyuan Chu
The synchronization of speech and gesture

14:50    Laura Menenti
Let’s go to the zoo: fMRI intersubject correlations
in spoken communication

15:10        Tea/coffee

15:30    Antje Meyer
The psychology of language

15:40    Agnieszka Konopka
Priming preferred and dispreferred structures:
implications for incrementality in sentence formulation

16:00    Alastair Smith
Multimodal interaction in a model of visual world phenomena

16:20    Falk Huettig
Literacy modulates language-mediated prediction

16:40    Mystery Guest

17:00        Drinks at MPI

18:00        Barbecue at MPI

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