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Nijmegen Lectures 2016, January 20 - 22 -

Recommended reading


Lecture 1: In the first lecture, I will talk (a little) about sound localization, screams, word deafness, and a lot about speech perception (new fMRI study). Relevant reading for students would be:

Lecture 2: In the first part I will talk about some background on cortical oscillations and then go in detail through a new MEG study on structure building and abstraction. Readings would be:

Lecture 3: Here I discuss - interspersing a few experimental examples - what I take to be the ‘ultimate’ Marr-ian challenge, i.e. what kind of linking hypotheses do we need? Some thoughts are in:

  • Poeppel, D. and Embick, D. (2005). The relation between linguistics and neuroscience. In A. Cutler (ed.), Twenty-First Century Psycholinguistics: Four Cornerstones. Lawrence Erlbaum.
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