IMPRS workshop: Perspectives on the ontogeny of mutual understanding -


Submission closed on 11 May 2015

Notification of decision: 1 July 2015


Submit abstracts to as doc/docx/pdf attachments (500 word maximum, excluding references). Indicate in the body of the email your name, affiliation, contact info, and whether your abstract should be considered for a paper or poster. Leave out any identifying information in the abstract.


We welcome empirical contributions that seek to address questions such as:

What is the nature of the link between interaction and mutual understanding in children's development?

What are the relative contributions of different types of participation (e.g., active engagement versus observation) in shaping these sociocognitive abilities?

What environmental or contextual features potentiate or constrain the development of intersubjective understanding?

How might different approaches enrich, complement and contextualize our understanding of social cognition, language, and interaction in human ontogeny?

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Imitation, mimesis, and mirroring

Reciprocity and proto-conversation

Joint attention, participation, and reciprocal engagement

Joint action, cooperation, and collaboration

Neurocognitive correlates of online interaction

Multimodal coordination, entrainment, and alignment

Atypical development, language specific impairment, and autism spectrum conditions

Pragmatic development, deixis, and referential communication

Turn-taking, repair, misunderstanding, and recipient design

Attribution of belief, intention, and emotion

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