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Open dag -

Open day

On Saturday 27th June, the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics is opening its doors to the public. Anybody with an interest in language or language research is welcome, as is anybody who just wants to find out what happens in that big building on the edge of the Radboud University campus.

Vragen en Antwoorden Nederlandse versie

During the open day, there will be talks about our research and tours around the different labs. There will also be demonstrations and videos of the various methods of language research that we use.

Children can earn a Scientist Certificate by participating in some fun experiments.

What can you do?

At the open day, you can:

  • participate in an experiment about the origin of language on tabletsExperiment met tablets
  • see somebody's brainwaves, measured with electrodes on their head, while they read sentences
  • learn about what captures your attention by measuring your eye movements
  • walk around in our Virtual Reality lab and communicate with an avatar
  • bring your baby and participate in an experiment which looks at their language development
  • see a sign language interpreter in action
  • have a look at where we go across the world to do fieldwork into spoken and signed languages
  • examine the DNA of a strawberry yourself
  • listen to different talks

...and much more!

Ingang van het MPI aan de Wundtlaan


Everybody is welcome - just walk in!

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