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Place, landscape, and language

Identifying and communicating about places is fundamental to how we navigate the physical and social world. This workshop explores how we talk about place, both in regard to the vocabulary and grammar that a language has available to categorize landscape, and concerning how people use place reference in conversation to achieve communicative, social, and practical goals. Speakers will present on spoken and signed languages from South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Europe.

Please see the program for further details.

This workshop is a collaboration between the two European Research Council projects Human sociality and systems of language use and Language, cognition and landscape (LACOLA).

There is no formal workshop registration required, but if you are planning to attend one or both days please email or call Lila San Roque (contact details below).

Please note that this workshop will not be held in the main MPI building! The venue, Faculty Club Huize Heyendael, is about 10 minutes walk from the institute.

Where and when:
Apr 18-19, 2013
Faculty Club Huize Heyendael (Beelkamer), Nijmegen
Lila San Roque, , phone +31 24 352 1266

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