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NGC lecture: Kawai Chui

Studies of gesture in Chinese discourse


Kawai Chui, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Title: Studies of gesture in Chinese discourse

Abstract: This talk discusses two studies of spontaneous gestures in Chinese discourse. Part of the narrative and conversational data comes from the NCCU Corpus of Spoken Chinese, a project of language documentation which collects various types of spoken forms of Mandarin, Southern Min, and Hakka spoken in Taiwan. The first study investigates how speech and iconic gestures are patterned temporally in conveying information in conversation. The results reveal different timing relations. The second study examines the linguistic and imagistic representations of motion events in oral narratives and shows that McNeill and Duncan’s claim about the relationship among language typology, gesture, and thought is problematic.



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Where and when:
11:00-13:00 Jun 26, 2009
Nijmegen, room 264
Nijmegen gesture centre
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