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NGC lecture: Marieke Hoetjes

Untying the knot between gesture and speech. The influence of gestures on speech

Marieke Hoetjes, Tilburg University

In this talk Marieke will look at the influence of gestures on speech by discussing whether people speak differently when they cannot use their hands. An experiment was conducted where participants took part in an instructional task, half of which had to be performed while sitting on their hands. Other factors that influence the ease of communication, such as visibility and cognitive load, were also taken into account.
The talk will deal with some rough data measures such as length of speech in time and length of speech in number of words and some initial results from more detailed measures such as pitch height and verb choice between conditions.
Results show that the inability to gesture leads to changes in speech, suggesting that gestures are not simply an additive, but an inherent aspect of communication


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Where and when:
11:00-13:00 Aug 28, 2009
Nijmegen, room 236
Nijmegen gesture centre
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