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Workshop: Perspectives on Language Development

In this one-day workshop, we will discuss current perspectives on language development. Please see the program for details. All welcome to attend.

09:00 Coffee
09:25 Antje Meyer: Introduction
09:30 Bob McMurray
Building abstraction from simple developmental mechanisms:
Case studies in speech perception, word learning, reading and
communicative disorders
10:20 Michael Ramscar
The discriminative approach to language learning and
11:10 Coffee
11:30 Celeste Kidd
Rational approaches to learning and development
12:20 Lunch
14:00 Anne Christophe
Computing a syntactic skeleton with phrasal prosody and
function words
14:50 Shanley Allen
Investigating the development of the bilingual language faculty:
A sentence processing perspective
15:40 Coffee
16:00 General Discussion
17:00 Closing

Where and when:
09:00-17:00 Oct 14, 2014
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