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There are two basic types of behavioral experiments. In one type, you'll be hearing a word and you will be required to press a button, for instance, the left button if the word was a verb and the right button if the word was a noun. Quite often, you will hear a word that is not totally clear and we will ask you which of two words you heard. (E.g., was it áppel - the fruit - or appél - appeal.)

In another type of experiments, you might be asked to respond by speaking. Sometimes you will be asked to name a picture. On other occasions, you may be asked to repeat a sentence that was spoken in an unfamiliar accent of English.

Overall, these experiments are really easy for participants to do. We have to admit, though, that they can be a bit boring at times. But, after all, you get paid for doing something really easy.



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The institute is situated on the campus of the Radboud University. We participate in the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, and have particularly close ties to that institute's Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging. We also participate in the Centre for Language Studies. A joint graduate school, the IMPRS in Language Sciences, links the Donders Institute, the CLS and the MPI.



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