ISSN: 1573-4315

LAN is no longer being published, this website is maintained in order to provide access to the past issues.

David Nathan - (ELAR, SOAS, London)
Paul Trilsbeek - (MPI, Nijmegen)
Marcus Uneson - (Lund University)

About LAN

The Language Archives Newsletter provides news and informative articles about topics in endangered languages, especially archiving, fieldwork, language documentation, data and media management, computer tools, and developments in relevant technologies.

LAN began under the auspices of DOBES at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen, and expanded in late 2004 with a broadening of editorship to represent endangered languages archives more widely. To mark this change, its name has been changed from Language Archive Newsletter to Language Archives Newsletter. The issue-numbering system has also been simplified: The first 4 issues were also known as "Vol 1, No. n".