International Workshop on Resources and Tools in Field Linguistics

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May 26  
9:00 Welcome etc Peter Austin
  Session 1: Grand Visions Chair: Peter Austin
9:15 Linking Resources, Linking Communities. An Australian Indigenous Languages database, multimedia projects, and the role of metadata Pat McConvell
9:40 Methods of Language Documentation in the DOBES Project Ulrike Mosel/ Arienne Dwyer/ Peter Wittenburg
10:05 E-MELD: Overview and Update Helen Dry
10:30 Discussion about Grand Visions  
11:00 Coffee Break  
  Session 2: Metadata and Perspectives

Chair: Anthony. Aristar

11:30 Metadata and Semantic Web Peter Wittenburg/ Daan Broeder
11:55 Customizing the IMDI Metadata Schema for Endangered Languages Heidi Johnson/ Arienne Dwyer
12:20 MD and MP3 as Archiving Formats Nick Campbell/ Peter Wittenburg
12:35 Lunch Break  
  Session 3: Lexica in Field Research

Chair: Terry Langendoen

13:30 Dictionary Making in Endangered Speech Communities Ulrike Mosel
13:50 Analysis of Lexical Structures from Field Linguistics and Language Engineering Wim Peters/ Sebastian Drude/ Peter Wittenburg
14:10 Sharable and interactive Web-Lexicon Greg Gulrajani/ David Harrison
14:30 Advanced Glossing - a language documentation format and its implementation with Shoebox Sebastian Drude
14:50 Discussion  
15:10 Coffee Break  
  Session 4: Archiving Strategies and Access Methods

Chair: Helen Dry

  Also see: List of topics, key points for this session  
15:30 The DOBES Archive - its purpose and implementation Hennie Brugman
15:50 Archive Initiatives in Australia and their Focuses Pat McConvell
16:10 The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America: Goals and Visions Heidi Johnson
16:30 The LACITO Archive - its purpose and implementation Boyd Michailovsky/ Michel Jacobson
16:50 What should the ideal online-archive documenting linguistic data of various (endangered) languages and cultures offer to interested parties? Some ideas of a technically naive linguistic field researcher and potential user Gunter Senft
17:10 Panel about Requirements for a Language Archive



May 27  
  Session 5: Data Collection and Corpus Issues I

Chair: Simon Musgrave

9:00 Trumai Corpus: an Example of Presenting Multi-media Data in IMDI-Browser Raquel Guirardello-Damian/ Romauld Skiba
9:20 Online Access Tools for Spoken German: The Resources of the Deutsches Spracharchiv in a Database Peter Wagener
9:40 Data Collection and Language Technologies for Mapudungun Lori Levin/ Alon Lavie/ Rudolfo Vega/ Jaime Carbonell/ Ralf Brown/ Eliseo Canulef/ Carolina Huenchullan
10:00 How to Integrate Ethnographical Data into Linguistic Documentation: some remarks from the Kuikuro Project (DOBES, Brazil) Bruna Franchetto
10:20 Discussion  
10:30 Coffee Break  
  Session 6: Language Code and Typology Issues

Chair: Peter Wittenburg

11:00 Autotypologizing Databases and their Use in Fieldwork Balthazar Bickel/ Joanna Nichols
11:20 Inducing Typological Generalizations in a Crosslinguistic Database Simon Musgrave
11:40 SIL Three-letter Codes for Identifying Languages: Migrating from in-house standard to community standard Gary Simons
12:00 Searching and Language Classification Anthony Aristar
12:20 Discussion  
12:30 Lunch Break  
  Session 7: Tools and Integration

Chair: Hennie Brugman

13:30 Bridging the Markup Gap: Smart Search Engines for Language Researchers Terry Langendoen/ Scott Farrar/William Lewis
13:50 A Morphological Glossing Assistant Mike Maxwell/ Gary Simons/ Larry Hayashi
14:10 An XML and UNICODE based Workbench for field linguists Shoju Chiba
14:30 Linking Linguistic Resources: time aligned corpus and dictionary Michel Jacobson/ Boyd Michailovsky
14:50 Discussion  
15:00 Coffee Break  
  Session 8: Project Presentations

Chair: Boyd Michailovsky

15:20 The Texas German Dialect Archive as a tool for analyzing sound change Hans Boas
15:35 The Use of Archives and Fieldwork for the Study of the Endangered Languages of Russia Tjeerd de Graaf
15:50 A Way of Documenting Persian Data Habibeh Samadi
16:05 Integrating different data types in a Typological Database System Paola Monachesi/ Alexis Dimitriadis
16:20 Documentation of Formosan Languages Lily I-wen Su
16:35 Coffee Break  
16:40 Panel about Interoperability Issues

Chair: Peter Austin

  Also see: List of topics, key points for this session  
  S. Bird, P. Wittenburg, T. Langendoen  
17.15 Wrap Up Discussion Austin, Dry, Wittenburg

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