Preliminary Program

Workshop on Research Metadata in Context

7./8. September 2010, Nijmegen

7. September 2010

12.00Reception, Lunch
13.00K. Jeffery (APA)Why do we still need to focus on Metadata?
rationale, new requirements, preservation, vision (presentation)
13.30P. Wittenburg (CLARIN)What is the current state for Metadata?
heterogeneity, lack of quality, registries, interoperability, persistency (presentation)
14.00D. Giaretta (APA)APARSEN – Metadata Standards for Curation and Preservation (presentation)
14.30 W. Horstmann (OpenAIRE)The DRIVER experience and the OpenAIRE direction (presentation)
15.00 A. Isaac (Europeana)Interoperability Aspects in Europeana (presentation)
15.20coffee break
15.30Metadata Cases from Communities
D. Broeder (CLARIN)Flexible Syntax and Concept Registry as basis for Metadata (presentation)
C. Hof (GBIF/Lifewatch)Metadata Concepts/Use in Biodiversity (presentation)
C. Beier (CLIMMANI/INCREASE)Biogeochemical response data from climate change experiments - data and meta data strategies? (presentation)
C. Morris (INSTRUCT)Metadata Issues Recording Protein Production (presentation)
C. O. Sánchez Sorzano (INSTRUCT) Metadata needed for imaging in structural biology (presentation)
16:45 coffee break
J. Malone (ELIXIR/EBI)Metadata Concepts/Use in ELIXIR (presentation)
G. Vriend (RU)Metadata Concepts/Use in BioInformatics (presentation)
 V.Thouret, D.Boulanger (IAGOS/CNRS)Current and future developments around the IAGOS metadata. (presentation)
Martin Fransson (BBMRI)Metadata Concepts/Use in Biomolecular Research (presentation)
Francois Viallefrond (CNRS-LERMA)Metadata Concepts/Use in Astrophysics (presentation)

8. September 2010

9.00Kostas Glinos (EC)Scientific data Infrastructures in the 9th Call for Proposals and future perspectives (presentation)
9:30 Metadata Cases from Communities (continued)
A. Aschenbrenner, L. Sesink, Y. Maignien (DARIAH)Open metadata in a trusted research infrastructure (presentation)
  Matt Freer (EUFAR)Metadata Concepts/Use in EUFAR (presentation)
 M. Stockhause, S. Kindermann (ENES)Metadata Concepts/Use in Climate Research (presentation)
  S. Lambert (STFC)Core Scientific Metadata Model (presentation)
10.30D.v. Uytvanck (CLARIN)Interoperability Aspects in VLO (presentation)
10.50coffee break
11:15Daan Broeder (CLARIN)Advanced Usages of Metadata, Vocabulary Services (presentation)
11:35Brigitte Jörg (EUROCRIS)Integration of Contextual Information (presentation)
12:45Jeffery/ WittenburgSummary, Action Points, Proposal (presentation)