Mariska Barendse


I studied at the University of Amsterdam and obtained a research master (cum laude) in the field of educational science with a strong focus on methods and statistics. From 2010 to 2014, I was a PhD candidate at the Department of Psychometrics and Statistics of the Heymans Institute for Psychological Research at the University of Groningen and finished my PhD titled “Dimensionality assessment with factor analysis methods” in 2015. After being a statistical consultant, I worked a post-doc at Ghent University. In 2019 I was appointed as an assistant professor at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In 2020 I started as a researcher at the Max Planck Institute.

My research interest is statistical modelling, especially non-standard applications of structural equation modelling. This includes:

- genetic structural equation modelling (Genetic-relationship-matrices structural equation modeling; GRM-SEM)

- discrete data

- multilevel modeling

- exploratory factor analysis

- measurement bias


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