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Hans Rutger Bosker

How is it possible that people can communicate successfully, even in loud traffic noise?

How is it possible to have a proper conversation, even when the speaker is talking very fast, or produces uhm's all the time?

How can we help people who experience trouble having spoken conversations due to, for instance, hearing loss or cognitive deficits?

I am intrigued by the relative ease with which people seem to speak and listen in everyday conversations. As the lead researcher of the Speech rate production and perception project within the Psychology of Language department, I have a particular interest in temporal variation in speech, such as speech rate, speech rhythm, amplitude envelope modulations, neural entrainment of brain oscillations to speech, speech reductions, and disfluencies.


For a list of publications, see my publications and presentations pages.


Voor gastlezingen en media-optredens kunt u contact opnemen via het emailadres hieronder. Voor voorbeelden zie mijn press pagina en mijn blog bij Psychology Today.


Function: Research Staff
Member of: Psychology of Language Department

Last checked 2018-06-12

Hans Rutger Bosker

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
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