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Hans Rutger Bosker

How is it possible to have a proper conversation, even when the speaker is talking very fast, talks with a lisp, or produces uhm's all the time?

How is it possible that people can communicate successfully, even in loud traffic noise, with competing talkers around, or when having to multitask?

I am intrigued by the relative ease with which people seem to speak and listen in everyday conversations. As the lead researcher of the TEMPoral Organization of Speech (TEMPOS) research cluster, I have a particular interest in temporal variation in speech, such as speech rate, speech rhythm, amplitude envelope modulations, neural entrainment of brain oscillations to speech, speech reductions, and disfluencies.


For a list of publications, see my publications and presentations pages.


Voor gastlezingen en media-optredens kunt u contact opnemen via het emailadres hieronder. Voor voorbeelden zie mijn press pagina en mijn blog bij Psychology Today.


Function: Research Staff
Member of: Psychology of Language Department

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Hans Rutger Bosker

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
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