Anne Cutler


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  • Cutler, A. (2015). Big issues in speech perception: Abstraction and nativeness [Plenary Lecture]. Talk presented at the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS 2015). Glasgow. 2015-08-10 - 2015-08-14.
  • Weber, A., Cutler, A., Escudero, P., & Hayes-Harb, R. (2007). Exploring the phonological representations in the L2 lexicon. Talk presented at Workshop on Language Processing in First and Second Language Learners (MPI for Psycholinguistics). Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 2007-11-23 - 2007-11-24.
  • Weber, A., & Cutler, A. (2007). Knowing what you cannot hear: Knowledge sources for lexical representations in asymmetric bilingualism. Talk presented at 3rd Annual Rovereto Workshop on Bilingualism. Rovereto, Italy. 2007-09-20 - 2007-09-23.


    Early-acquired vocabulary is (of necessity) mostly based on auditory input. But for later-acquired vocabulary (in an L1 or L2), other knowledge sources can also be tapped. Where phonetic contrasts in an L2 cannot be adequately distinguished, the level of detail provided by these sources at the lexical level may be greater than prelexical processing is capable of matching.

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