Anne Cutler


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  • Cutler, A. (2015). Big issues in speech perception: Abstraction and nativeness [Plenary Lecture]. Talk presented at the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS 2015). Glasgow. 2015-08-10 - 2015-08-14.
  • Cutler, A. (2011). Different languages make different listeners [R D Wright Lecture]. Talk presented at the University of Melbourne. Melbourne, Australia. 2011-08-02.


    Babies are born with no predisposition to a particular language; they acquire the language they hear. In other words, the processes in the baby brain must be language-universal. Adults listen extremely efficiently to speech in their native language, drawing on processes that would work very inefficiently with other languages. In other words, speech processing in the adult brain is language specific. What happens in between? That’s what this lecture is about.
  • Cutler, A. (2011). The induction of native listening. Talk presented at NET-Symposium 2011. Utrecht, Netherlands. 2011-03-18.


    Listening to speech is a process that differs across languages, because it is exquisitely tailored to the structure of the native language, and the structure itself differs across languages. Languages effectively train their listeners to process them efficiently. The training begins from the earliest days of speech perception, in the first year of life. Even minor structural differences between closely related languages can, in due course, lead to significant processing differences by adult listeners.

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