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  1. Invited talk at UCL Linguistics Seminar Series, October 31, London
  2. Public talk at science Improv night, November 15, Tilburg
  3. Invited talk at Linköping University, November 29-30, Sweden
  4. Keynote at 7th International Conference of the UK Cognitive Linguistics Association, July 2020, Birmingham.


  1. Multimodal acts of depiction: ideophones and gestural productions of hand and mouth
    Keynote at Wenner-Gren workshop on Anthropology of Gesture, embedded in the 8th ISGS Conference
    July 4-8, Cape Town
  2. What makes ideophones iconic? Reverse engineering
    iconic associations in 200+ experimentally vetted ideophones
    Talk at 20th ICL Conference
    July 1-6, Cape Town

  3. Making and breaking iconicity
    Invited talk at ZAS Iconicity Workshop 
    May 11-12, Berlin
  4. What makes ideophones iconic? 
    Talk at Diversity in Language, Culture and Cognition Colloquium
    April 5, Nijmegen
  5. Keynote at 21nd Arbeitstagung für Gesprächsforschung
    March 21-23, 2018, IDS Mannheim 
  6. Keynote at 44th meeting of the Berkeley Linguistic Society, Feb 9-11, 2018, UC Berkeley.


    1. Rethinking Core and Margin in Language 
      Invited talk at Symposium 'Linguistics Quo Vadis', MPI for Psycholinguistics
      October 2, Nijmegen
    2. Measures and mechanisms of common ground (with Fusaroli, Tylén, Garly, Steensig, and Christiansen)
      Poster at Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society
      July 18, London
    3. Beyond bouba and kiki
      Talk at CLS-MPI Iconicity Workshop
      July 7-8, 2017, Nijmegen
    4. Making and breaking iconicity
      Keynote at 6th Sixth International Conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition (SALC 6)
      April 20-22, 2017, Lund
    5. Facts and fiction about iconicity: the story of ideophones
      Keynote at 11th Conference on Iconicity in Language and Literature
      April 6-8, 2017, Brighton
    6. Invited talk at Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication
      March 31, 2017, Amsterdam
    7. The Power of Questions 
      Public talk at Nerd Nite Amsterdam
      March 31, 2017, Amsterdam
    8. Beyond bouba and kiki: sound symbolism in natural languages
      Invited talk at Department of Linguistics, Manchester
      March 14, 2017, Manchester
    9. Pragmatic typology: unity and diversity in systems of language use
      Invited talk at Department of Linguistics, UC Berkeley
      March 1, 2017, Berkeley
    10. Comparing conversation across cultures
      CA Working Group, Center for Language, Interaction, and Culture
      February 23, 2017, UCLA, Los Angeles
    11. Recruitments in Siwu and beyond
      Invited talk at Center for Language, Interaction, and Culture
      February 22, 2017, UCLA, Los Angeles
    12. What sound symbolism can and cannot do
      Invited talk at Stanford Linguistics Department
      February 15, 2017, Stanford University
    13. Probing the link between sound symbolism and synaesthesia. (With Gwilym Lockwood and Tessa van Leeuwen.) 
      CogLing 7, 5-6 January 2017, Nijmegen.


    1. Invited talk at Nagoya University Department of Linguistics
      December 16, 2016, Nagoya

    2. Plenary address at NINJAL 2016 Symposium on "Mimetics in Japanese and other languages of the world"
      December 18, 2016, Tokyo

    3. Recruiting assistance in interaction: a West African corpus study
      Invited talk at Department of Linguistics, Groningen University
      November 3, Groningen
    4. Recruiting assistance in interaction: a West African corpus study
      Invited talk at Spoken Grammar Working Group, Leiden University
      October 27, Leiden
    5. Synthesized size-sound sound symbolism (with Gwilym Lockwood)
      Talk at Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society
      August 10, Philadelphia
    6. Iconicity and cross-modal integration (with Gwilym Lockwood)
      Talk in panel on iconicity and non-arbitrariness, Association of Psychological Science
      May 26, Chicago
    7. Towards a typology of conversational structures: the case of other-initiated repair 
      Invited talk presented at the Functional & Cognitive Linguistics: Grammar and Typology, Department of Linguistics.
      April 24, Leuven.
    8. Color associations in nonsynaesthetes and synaesthetes: A large-scale study in Dutch (with T van Leeuwen, G Lockwood, L Drijvers)
      Talk presented at the Synesthesia and Cross-Modal Perception conference
      April 22, Dublin
    9. Is "Huh?" a universal word? (with Torreira & Enfield)
      Public lecture at the Karolinska Institute (Ig Nobel Tour Scandinavia)
      March 13, Stockholm.
    10. Is "Huh?" a universal word? (with Torreira & Enfield)
      Public lecture at Festsalen, Copenhagen University (Ig Nobel Tour Scandinavia)
      March 11, Copenhagen.
    11. Is "Huh?" a universal word? (with Torreira & Enfield)
      Public lecture at Aarhus University (Ig Nobel Tour Scandinavia)
      March 8, Aarhus.
    12. Arbitrariness, iconicity and systematicity in language
      Invited talk at Interacting Minds Center, University of Aarhus
      March 9, Aarhus 

    13. What does sound-symbolism have to do with synaesthesia? 
      (with Tessa van Leeuwen)
      Grote Taaldag
      February 9, Utrecht 

    14. Arbitrariness, iconicity and systematicity in language
      Invited talk at Language & Cognition Group, Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition
      February 4, Leiden


    1. The Power of "Huh?"
      Invited TEDx talk at TEDx Amsterdam (theme: "Big Questions")
      November 27, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

    2. Sound and sense: Iconicity and sound-symbolism in natural language
      Invited talk at Center for the Study of the Senses, Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, London
      November 12, London 

    3. Conversational repair and pragmatic universals 
      Invited talk at Comparative Linguistics Department, University of Zürich
      October 16, Zürich 

    4. De Zintuigenquiz: Groot Nationaal Onderzoek (with T van Leeuwen)
      Public lecture at Researchers' Night Science Festival
      September 26, Nijmegen
    5. Ideophones and reduplication 
      8th World Congress of African Linguistics 
      August 21-24, Kyoto 

    6. African ideophones and their contribution to linguistics
      (panel co-organised with Sharon Rose, UCSD)
      8th World Congress of African Linguistics
      August 21-24, Kyoto

    7. An introduction to pragmatic typology
      International Pragmatics Conference 2015 (talk as part of an invited panel on Pragmatic Typology, co-organised with Giovanni Rossi)
      July 27, Antwerp

    8. Other-initiated repair across languages: a developmental perspective
      Invited talk at ACQDIV Kickoff meeting (Sabine Stoll & Zürich Comparative Linguistics Department)
      June 10-14, Kloster Kappel, Zürich 

    9. Verstrengelde zintuigen
      Public lecture at the Radboud Rocks Science Festival
      May 28, Nijmegen
    10. Pragmatic typology: Unity and diversity in systems of language use (with Simeon Floyd and N.J. Enfield)
      Diversity Linguistics: Retrospect and Prospect
      May 1-3, Leipzig

    11. Using misunderstandings to understand language and social interaction
      Invited talk at Centre de recherche sur les interactions sociales (CRIS), Université de Neuchâtel
      February 2, Neuchâtel

    12. Science communication for junior scientists
      Invited workshop at PhD Day, Faculty of Geosciences 
      January 28, Utrecht University


    1. Waarom zijn er zoveel talen in Afrika?
      Invited talk at Afrikadag NSG
      December 18, Nijmegen

    2. How to combine multiple modes of representation in language
      Invited talk at Center for Cognitive Semiotics
      December 11, Lund, Sweden

    3. Unity and diversity in systems of language use
      Invited lecture at Workshop on Language Evolution and Diversity
      Oct 30-31, Nijmegen

    4. Media als middel — tips vanuit het oog van een mediastorm
      Invited talk at Vakconferentie Wetenschapscommunicatie
      October 1, Amsterdam

    5. Waarom zijn er in Afrika zoveel verschillende talen?
      Public lecture at MuseumJeugdUniversiteit
      September 14, 2014, Afrikamuseum Berg en Dal

    6. Other-initiated repair across languages: A systematic comparison
      (with Nick Enfield, Julija Baranova, Joe Blythe, Paul Drew, Simeon Floyd, Rósa S. Gísladóttir, Kobin H. Kendrick, Stephen C. Levinson, Elizabeth Manrique, and Giovanni Rossi)
      Talk at International Conference on Conversation Analysis
      June 25-29, UCLA, Los Angeles

    7. Stemmen van Afrika
      Public lecture at Studium Generale Leiden
      June 10, Science Café Leiden

    8. Dependencies in language systems — Two case studies in methods and mechanisms
      Workshop on Dependencies among Systems of Language
      June 4-7, Château de la Poste, Belgium

    9. Pragmatic typology and convergent evolution in language
      Invited talk (Dahlem Lecture in Linguistics), Philosophy/Humanities Department, Freie Universität Berlin 
      May 27, Berlin

    10. On the margins of language
      Plenary address at TWIST Leiden Conference on Linguistics
      May 20, Leiden, NL

    11. A cross-linguistic study of other-initiated repair: system, cost, and choice
      Invited talk at Workshop on Miscommunication, Queen Mary University of London
      May 14-15, London, UK.

    12. Morphosyntactic Typology of Ideophones: From Description to Explanation
      Invited talk at Workshop on 'Structuring Sensory Imagery'
      May 1-2, Rochester, NY. 

    13. Conversational infrastructure and the convergent evolution of linguistic items
      Talk at Evolang 2014
      April 14-17, Vienna, Austria (with Francisco Torreira and N.J. Enfield).

    14. The role of iconicity in the cultural evolution of communicative signals
      Talk at Workshop on Evolution of Signals, Speech and Signs, Evolang 2014
      April 14-17, Vienna, Austria (with Tessa Verhoef en Seán G. Roberts).

    15. Sound-symbolism, iconicity, and ideophones
      Invited talk at Tilburg University Linguistics Department
      April 2, Tilburg, NL.

    16. Understanding Agency through Misunderstandings 
      Invited talk at retreat 'Foundations of Social Agency', Schloss Ringberg Tegernsee, Germany.

    17. On the centrality of ‘marginalia’ for theory and methods in linguistics
      Invited Talk at Stockholm University Linguistics Department
      March 27, Stockholm, Sweden.

    18. The Future of Linguistics
      Invited talk at informal roundtable "Linguistics Quo Vadis"
      March 10, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen 
    19. Studying Conversation across Cultures
      Talk at LSA Organised Session on Documenting Conversation, LSA 2014 Annual Meeting
      January 2-5, Minneapolis, USA.


    For general audiences

    1. Wat doen taalwetenschappers eigenlijk?
      Public lecture at Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht
      Oktober 6, Utrecht.
    2. Wetenschapper + Weblog
      Invited talk at Nederlandse Vakconferentie Wetenschapscommunicatie
      Oktober 1, Rotterdam.
    3. De Talenrijkdom van Afrika
      Invited talk at Drongo Festival for Multilingualism, special session on Stemmen van Afrika
      September 28, Amsterdam.
    4. Better science through listening to lay people
      Invited talk at ECSITE Annual Conference (session 'Playing Dumb: Escaping the shackles of smartness', convenor Alex Verkade)
      June 6-8, Gothenburg, Sweden.
    5. Ideofonen: Schilderen met taal
      Invited talk at Taalgala, Grote Taaldag at the occasion of receiving the AVT/Anéla Dissertation Award for Best Dissertation in Linguistics in the Netherlands in 2011.
      February 8, Utrecht.

    For academic audiences

    1. Sound-symbolism: linguistic, behavioural and neuro-imaging perspectives
      Invited talk at Workshop on Sound Symbolism, Keio University (Imai Lab)
      December 13-14, Tokyo, Japan.
    2. Ideophones and interjections
      Invited talk at Aarhus University Linguistics Department
      November 9, Aarhus, Denmark.
    3. Conversation across cultures
      Talk at MOVIN-meeting of Danish conversation analysts
      November 9, Aarhus, Denmark.
    4. Negotiating mutual understanding: A cross-linguistic study of other-initiated repair (with Nick Enfield)
      Invited talk at Interacting Minds Center
      November 8, Aarhus, Denmark.
    5. Other-initiation of repair. Towards a typology of systems of language use. (with Nick Enfield, Julija Baranova, Joe Blythe, Paul Drew, Simeon Floyd, Rósa Gísladóttir, Steve Levinson, Kobin Kendrick, Elizabeth Manrique, Sean Roberts, and Giovanni Rossi)
      Talk at 13th International Pragmatics Conference
      September 8-13, New Delhi, India.
    6. Implicational hierarchies and semantic typology: the case of ideophones
      Talk at ALT5, Association for Linguistic Typology 
      August 15-18, Leipzig, Germany.
    7. Form and function of a possibly universal interjection for the other-initiation of repair (with Francisco Torreira and Nick Enfield)
      Talk at ALT5, Association for Linguistic Typology
      August 15-18, Leipzig, Germany.
    8. Early German sources on GTM languages and peoples
      Talk at Ghana-Togo Mountain Languages workshop
      May 31, Leiden University.
    9. Expressiveness and system integration
      Talk at Grammar of Mimetics workshop
      May 10-11, SOAS, London.
    10. Place reference in story launchings (with Simeon Floyd and Giovanni Rossi)
      Talk at Workshop on Place, Landscape, and Language.
      April 19, Nijmegen.
    11. Conventionalised and creative depictions in interaction
      Talk at Workshop on Quotation and Depiction in Interaction
      March 8, Nijmegen.


    1. Huh? The form and semiotics of a possibly universal interjection for initiating repair (with Francisco Torreira and N.J. Enfield)
      Talk at CogLingDays 5
      December 14-15, Groningen.
    2. Reduplication and expressive morphology in ideophones
      Invited talk at the workshop "Total Reduplication: morphological, pragmatic and typological features" (organised by Daniela Rossi)
      November 18-19, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels.
    3. The limited power of sound symbolism (with Holger Mitterer, Will Schuerman, Eva Reinisch, and Sylvia Tufvesson)
      Talk at Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing (AMLaP) 2012
      September 6-8, Riva del Garda, Italy
    4. The semantic structure of sensory vocabulary: ideophones, imagery, and iconicity
      Invited talk at the Workshop on Embodiment and Sound-Symbolism
      August 6-7, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
    5. The semantic structure of sensory vocabulary in an African language (with Asifa Majid)
      Talk at the 34th annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society
      August 1-4, Sapporo, Japan
    6. Show, don’t tell: a multi-methods approach to performance and creativity in ideophones
      Talk at Language, Culture and Mind V: Integrating Semiotic Resources in Communication and Creativity
      June 27-29, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon
    7. Advances in the cross-linguistic study of ideophones
      Invited talk at Center for Language Studies Colloquium
      May 31, Radboud University, Nijmegen
    8. Ideophones at the intersection of theory and methods in African linguistics
      Plenary address at the 43rd Annual Conference on African Linguistics
      March 15-17, Tulane University, New Orleans
    9. Ideophones and creativity
      Lecture in the Organised Session "Ideophones, Grammar and Cultural Expression" at LSA Annual Meeting
      January 6-8, Portland, Oregon


    1. Curse or blessing? Africa's linguistic heritage in the 21st century
      Plenary address at the Afrika Studiedag of the Netherlands African Studies Assocation
      November 5, 2011, Afrikamuseum Berg en Dal
    2. Ideophones and gesture: contrasts and parallels
      Donders Theme Meeting, Gesture & Sign group
      September 15, 2011, Nijmegen
    3. Ideophones and creativity: documented cases of ideophone creation in a corpus of naturally occurring speech
      41th Colloquium on African Languages and Linguistics
      August 29-31, 2011, Leiden
    4. Ideophones: Challenge and Opportunity for Language Documentation
      Language Documentation and Description in the Netherlands
      April 8-9, 2011, Leiden University, The Netherlands.
    5. Iconicity and performance
      Invited talk at the Keio-Tamagawa Workshop on Sound-Symbolism and Mimetics
      February 18, 2011, Tamagawa University, Japan.


    1. Ideophones and the study of African languages
      Invited talk at the journée scientifue du LLACAN
      December 10, 2010, LLACAN, Paris.
    2. How to do things with ideophones: a field guide
      Invited talk at workshop on African Responses to Language Endangerment
      December 2-4, 2010, University of Florida, Gainesville, U.S.
    3. Linguistic research and fieldwork: what researchers want
      AVATecH Expert Workshop
      November 16-17, 2010, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen
    4. Ideophones and verbal art
      Humanities of the Lesser Known: New directions in the description, documentation and typology of endangered languages and musics
      September 10-11, 2010, Lund University, Sweden
    5. The Meaning and Use of Ideophones in Siwu
      40th Colloquium on African Languages and Linguistics
      August 23-25, 2010, Leiden
    6. How to Do Things with Ideophones: Towards A Social Interactional Approach
      36th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society
      February 6-7, 2010, Berkeley


    1. Ideophones and the senses. The interplay of language, culture, and the perceptual world in a West-African society
      108th Annual AAA meeting
      December 2-6, 2009, Philadelphia
    2. Ideophones and the Communal Ethos of the Mawu people
      Invited ad hoc lecture at Princeton University Department of Music
      December 3, 2009, Princeton
    3. Ideophones in unexpected places
      Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 2
      November 13-14, 2009, London
    4. The semi-Bantu noun class system of Siwu (na-GTM, Ghana)
      39th Colloquium on African Languages and Linguistics
      August 24, 2009, Leiden
    5. What do we really know about ideophones?
      6th World Congress of African Linguistics
      August 20, 2009, Cologne
    6. The interaction of syntax and expressivity in Siwu ideophones
      2009 International Conference on Role and Reference Grammar
      August 9, 2009, Berkeley
    7. Ideophones in Siwu: New methods and findings
      Invited Talk at the Research Colloquium of the Institut für Afrikanistik
      July 15, 2009, Köln
    8. Sound-symbolism in Ideophones
      Workshop on Cross-modality and sound-symbolism, MPI for Psycholinguistics (presenting joint work from the Ideophones and Sound-symbolism project)
      July 7, 2009, Nijmegen
    9. Ezra Pound among the Mawu: the everyday poetics of ideophones in a West-African society
      7th International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature
      June 9-14, 2009, Toronto
    10. How To Do Things With Ideophones: Observations on the use of vivid sensory language in Siwu
      Invited Talk at SOAS Research Seminar
      June 3, 2009, London
    11. Ideophones and iconicity in Siwu
      Workshop Universals of Sound Symbolism
      February 26-27, 2009, Nijmegen


    1. Ideophones and the slippery slope of expressivity in Siwu
      2nd International Worshop on the Ghana-Togo Mountain Languages
      August 3-8, 2008, Ho, Ghana
    2. A first look at Siwu ideophones: spontaneous conversations and folk definitions
      26th West African Languages Congress
      July 26-August 2, 2008, Winneba, Ghana
    3. Ideophones in the wild
      Dept. of Linguistics, MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology
      May 9, 2008, Leipzig
    4. Ideophones in the wild: Notes on the cultural ecology of ideophones in Siwu (Niger-Congo, eastern Ghana)
      Expressives Workshop
      April 11, 2008, Nijmegen


    1. The semantics of Bantu noun classification
      Invited Lecture in a course on Nominal classification in Bantu
      October 9, 2007, Leiden University
    2. Notes on Siwu
      Round Table Conference on the GTM Languages
      March 28, 2007, Leiden University

    Mark Dingemanse

    Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
    PO Box 310
    6500 AH Nijmegen
    The Netherlands