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At Nemo Amsterdam, 2015 (foto DigiDaan)Als taalwetenschapper vind ik het leuk en belangrijk om onderzoeksresultaten te delen, en om bij te dragen aan een breder begrip van taal en cultuur. Zoekt u een expert die u kan bijpraten over de wondere wereld van taal? Neem dan contact met me op.

As a scientist I am motivated by a sense of wonder about how intricately language is structured, and how important it is in shaping our social world. I see science communication as a part of the job of any publicly funded scientist.

See ImpactStory for a quick impression of the impact of my research. Fun facts: two of my findings made it into a popular book describing 30 "sensational discoveries about language" (source) and my public outreach work was mentioned as an example of "excellent humanities knowledge flowing into public democratic spaces" (source). 

Some media coverage

Newspapers and magazines

Work by me and my colleagues has been profiled in the New York Times, Die Welt (twice), Público (twice), Süddeutsche Zeitung, and major national and international newspapers around the world. Background pieces about our research have appeared in magazines like The Atlantic (twice), Scientific AmericanSmithsonian Magazine, the New Statesman, Harper's Magazine and many other places online and offline.

Radio and television

Research by me and my colleagues has been featured internationally on Discovery News and CNN, and locally in Labyrint, Het Klokhuis and De Kennis van Nu), among others. My work has also been profiled by international and national radio, from NPR (twice), ABC, and BBC Radio 4 to Dutch shows like Spijkers met Koppen, TROS Nieuwsshow, and De Kennis van Nu.

Popular lectures and science festivals

I often lecture for general audiences at science museums and schools, and have been invited to speak at TEDx Amsterdam, Discovery Festival, Drongo Festival and Brainwash. With Jeremy Hammond, I curated 'Taal in Beeld — a Picture of Science', a photo competition and exhibition depicting the language sciences. I've also done fun live experiments on language evolution with Tessa Verhoef and Seán Roberts at various science and art festivals. 

In 2015 our team won an Ig Nobel Prize for work on conversation across cultures, particularly our finding that 'Huh?' appears to be a universal word. We received the award from Gerard 't Hooft, 1999 Nobel laureate in physics. More information about the award-winning paper here.


Some of the media outlets that have featured my work

Selected links to online media coverage


Writings for general audiences

Although much of my published work appears in scholarly journals, occasionally I write for more general audiences. Here are some examples.

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