Seamus Donnelly

I completed my PhD at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) in 2016. After that, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the Research School of Psychology and the Centre of Excellence for Dynamics of Language at the Australian National University (ANU). Since 2021, I have worked as a post-doctoral researcher and statistical consultant in the Language Development Department.

In my research, I examine individual differences in language development and processing to shed light on the mechanisms underlying language acquisition. At the moment, I am particularly focused on the relationship between grammatical and lexical knowledge in early language development. This sort of individual differences research introduces methodological and statistical challenges not present in traditional experimental research. As any psychological task is affected by multiple variables, separating the signal from the noise is quite challenging. As such, I also have a strong interest in quantitative/psychometric methods, including mixed models, mixture models and item-response theory.

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