Jieying He

Dual-task interference is a well-known fact that when people perform two tasks simultaneously, the tasks are often executed slower and with more errors than when they are carried out as single tasks. During daily conversation, we usually listen to partners' speech and plan our own speech at the same time. So I’m wondering if there is also an interference between simultaneous comprehension and production.

Therefore, my PhD project focuses on the interference of concurrent language production and language comprehension. Supervised by Dr. Laurel Brehm and Prof. Antje Meyer, I’m using behavioral measure to investigate the source of dual-task interference of simultaneous production and comprehension, more specifically, is the interference caused by domain-specific mechanism (representational similarity) or domain-general mechanism (capacity limitation), or both?

To further explore the interference of concurrent production and comprehension, I plan to use eye-tracking and neuroimaging methods in my following studies.

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