Andrew Jessop


I’m a researcher in psychology, exploring the cognitive processes that support the learning and use of language from infancy and beyond. Since October 2018, I’ve worked as a postdoctoral researcher with Caroline Rowland at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen. I am a member of the Language Development Department, working on a computational model of how infants learn and process the sequences of their language as they develop a vocabulary. I was previously at the University of Liverpool and ESRC LuCiD Centre, where I completed my PhD in Psychology with Franklin Chang and Marco Bertamini as part of an ESRC doctoral studentship. My PhD investigated whether our ability to visually track moving objects in a scene can support thematic role features for language, which allow us to understand and express who did what to whom in a sentence. I also have a deep interest in statistics and research methodology, which has led me to contribute to the Language 0-5 Project as a statistical consultant.

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