Greta Kaufeld


I'm a PhD student within the Psychology of Language Department under supervision of dr. Andrea E. Martin, dr. Hans Rutger Bosker, and prof. dr. Antje S. Meyer. My PhD project entitled "Investigating spoken language comprehension as cue integration" aims to examine how listeners combine sensory information and higher-level linguistic knowledge into robust percepts. How does the brain integrate physical, acoustic information with abstract linguistic knowledge during spoken language comprehension? I use both eye-tracking and M/EEG methods to study this question.

Before coming to Nijmegen, I obtained my MSc in Cognitive Science with a specialisation in Natural Language Processing from the University of Edinburgh. For my MSc project, which I did under the supervision of prof. dr. Jon Oberlander, I implemented an automatic speech recognition system for theatre plays. Before that, I obtained a BA in Linguistics from Philipps University Marburg. I also have experience working as a software developer.


2018 and 2019 — Intro to Python. Co-instructor with Jeroen van Paridon. IMPRS Nijmegen (materials).

2019 — Computational Models. Co-instructor with dr. Christina Bergmann. EMLAR Utrecht.

2019 — A very brief intro to Git. Lightning talk presented at R-Ladies Nijmegen. 


I am one of the co-founders and co-organisers of SMUG, the MPI’s “Statistical Modelling User Group”, together with Joe Rodd, Jeroen van Paridon, Sophie Arana and Aitor San José. We meet monthly to discuss all things modelling and machine learning.

I am a volunteer for Pint of Science, a world-wide science festival that aims to communicate recent scientific developments to the public in a fun and engaging way. In 2019, I helped launch the first ever Pint of Science event in Nijmegen, which consisted of three events on astronomy, neuroscience, and the ancient world.

I'm really enthusiastic about Open Science, and I've recently become one of the MPI's Open Access Ambassadors. I'm especially interested in software and tools to help make the whole scientific process more transparent.

I was a co-organiser of the N2 event 2019 together with other Max Planck, Helmholtz and Leibniz PhD students.


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