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  • Micklos, A., Macuch Silva, V., & Fay, N. (2018). The prevalence of repair in studies of language evolution. Talk presented at the 12th International Conference on the Evolution of Language: (EVOLANG XII). Torun, Poland. 2018-04-15 - 2018-04-19. more >
  • Micklos, A. (2017). Iconic strategies in silent gesture: Perceiving the difference between nouns and verbs. Talk presented at the 11th International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature. Brighton, United Kingdom. 2017-04-06 - 2017-04-08. more >
  • Micklos, A. (2017). Multimodal repair initiation in silent gesture communication games. Talk presented at the International Conference on Multimodal Communication. Osnabrueck, Germany. 2017-06-09 - 2017-06-11. more >
  • Micklos, A. (2016). Building from priors in a silent gesture communication game: Innovating a system interactively. Talk presented at the 7th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies. Sourbonne Nouvelle, Paris, France. 2016-07-18 - 2016-07-22. more >
  • Micklos, A. (2015). Iconicity in emerging silent gesture communication: Influences from repair strategies. Talk presented at 10th International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature. Tubingen, Germany. 2015-03-26 - 2015-03-28. more >
  • Micklos, A. (2015). Interaction's role in emerging communication systems and their conventionalization: Repair as a means for the fixation of form-meaning matches. Talk presented at the Center for Research in Language. University of California, San Diego. 2015-01-13. more >
  • Micklos, A. (2014). Interaction’s role in emerging communication systems and their conventionalization: Eye gaze, turn-taking, and repair. Talk presented at the Centre for Language Evolution. University of Edinburgh. 2014-12-09.


  • Micklos, A. (2017). Interactive and embodied repair: Displaying, recognizing, and negotiating misalignment in an emerging language context. Poster presented at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2017), London, United Kingdom. more >
  • Micklos, A. (2017). Negotiated Iconicity in Interactive Silent Gesture Communication. Poster presented at the Iconicity Focus Group Workshop, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. more >
  • Micklos, A. (2014). The nature of language in interaction. Poster presented at 10th Conference on the Evolution of Language (EVOLANG10), Vienna, Austria.
  • Micklos, A. (2013). Human co-operative action: How much is “human?”. Poster presented at the 25th Human and Behavior Evolution Society Annual Conference, Miami, FL. more >

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