Jeroen van Paridon


I hold a BSc and MSc in Psychology from Leiden University, with a specialization in Cognitive Neuroscience. In the PhD research I conduct at the MPI, I am examining the interaction between the speech comprehension and the speech production system when both are used simultaneously. This project is supervised by Antje Meyer and Ardi Roelofs.

In addition to my dissertation work, I contribute to projects both inside and outside the MPI; applying novel fMRI decoding methods, developing a behavioral test suite for research in low literate populations, and publishing distributional semantics datasets and software tools.

Together with Greta Kaufeld, I teach the Introduction to Python course in the IMPRS graduate school, a two month course on programming in Python aimed at researchers in cognitive science.

I am a member of the Psychology of Language department and a contributor to the Cultural Brain group. Discussions with colleagues in these groups sometimes lead to collaborative letters and commentaries.



2018 and 2019: Introduction to Python (IMPRS graduate school course; course materials)


2019: Out of sight, out of mind? How ignoring missing or censored data can hurt your inference (MPI lunch talk)



2018: Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Language Sciences (IMPRS conference)

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