Marlou Rasenberg

I am a PhD student within the Multimodal Language and Cognition Group at the Center for Language Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen under supervision of prof. dr. Asli Özyürek and dr. Mark Dingemanse.

My PhD project is embedded within the Communicative Alignment in Brain and Behaviour lab. The CABB lab (formerly known as Big Question 3) is part of the Language in Interaction consortium, and consists of a transdisciplinary team of about 20 researchers. Our main research question is:

How do linguistic resources, interactional practices and cognitive capacities (jointly) contribute to mutual understanding?

To study this, we use a combination of behavioural and neuroimaging methods. In my PhD project, entitled "Multimodal and pragmatic alignment in dialogue", I analyze face-to-face communicative interactions about novel objects. I focus on the use of speech and gestures as communicative resources to construct shared conceptual representations.

Other current roles

Teacher at Radboud University, Faculty of Arts, Departement of Language and Communication

Previous education

I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information Sciences at Utrecht University (2015). Afterwards, I completed the Research Master Language and Communication at Radboud University (2017), during which I specialized in pragmatics and psycholinguistics, and worked as an intern within the Neurobiology of Language Departement.


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