Marlou Rasenberg

I work within the Multimodal Language Department, where I am involved in projects on multimodal language use in social interactions. In particular, I am assisting with the setup of an experimental study and with the development of an analysis pipeline to investigate when and how people align their lexical choice and co-speech gestures in the process of referring to novel objects. 

These projects are related to my Phd thesis entitled “Mutual understanding from a multimodal and interactional perspective”, in which I studied how people use speech and gestures in alignment and other-initiated repair to reach mutual understanding about novel referents. I carried out my Phd research between 2017-2022 at the Centre for Language Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen under the supervision of prof. dr. Asli Özyürek and dr. Mark Dingemanse

Other current roles

I work as a research assistant on the ‘Elementary particles of conversation’ project at the Centre for Language Studies of the Radboud University.

Previous education

I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information Sciences at Utrecht University (2015). Afterwards, I completed the Research Master Language and Communication at Radboud University (2017), during which I specialized in pragmatics and psycholinguistics, and worked as an intern within the Neurobiology of Language Departement.


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