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Public Engagement

You can visit a permanent exhibition on chimpanzees and memory at the Living Links centre, Edinburgh Zoo, created by myself and Justin Quillinan.

Together with Tessa Verhoef and Mark Dingemanse, I ran a public exhibition on language evolution at Discovery Festival in Amsterdam, the Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht and at the Nacht van Kunst en Kennis in Leiden.  See here for more information.

I co-organised the MPI for Psycholinguistics Open Day.

I had a photograph in the Taal in Beeld (A picture of Science) exhibition in Nijmegen on the theme of statistical approaches to linguistics.

I blog about language evolution at Replicated Typo.

Press Coverage

Some of my work has been covered in online media:

How to speak Neanderthal: Perhaps we already do.  New Scientist, 17th May 2014.

Gender bias in academic conference ratings revealed.  Times Higher Education, 1st September 2016.

Women discriminated against in conference applications, research suggests. The i, 2nd September.

Climate and cultural evolution

Also in Español, עברית , Français, 中国语文, Italiano

Spurious correlations between cultural variables:

Universals in Conversational Repair

Savings and Future Tense:

Chocolate consumption and Serial Killers:



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