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Ingeborg Roete

I am a PhD student in the Language Development group, under the supervision of Marisa Casillas (MPI), Stefan Frank (CLS) and Paula Fikkert (CLS). I started my PhD project in September 2015 with an IMPRS fellowship.

For my MSc thesis I investigated the influence of infant-directed speech using both computational modelling and a behavioral experiment.

My PhD project focuses on the dynamics in the interaction between children and caregivers: how children learn word from the linguistic input they receive from their caregivers, but also how caregivers adjust their language dependent on what the child has learned already. In my research I try to link computational modelling, corpus studies and behavioral experiments.

In collaboration with the Pre-University College of the Radboud University, I've organized three editions of the profielwerkstuk masterclasses for high school students who want to do their final school project on infant and child language research.
Function: PhD Student
Member of: Language Development Department
Other Affiliations: Centre for Language Studies
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Ingeborg Roete

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