Noor Seijdel

After a Bachelor's degree in Psychobiology and a Research Master's degree in Psychology (specializing in Brain and Cognition and Statistical Methods), I completed a PhD on visual object recognition and computational models of the human visual system, supervised by Dr. H. Steven Scholte and Prof. Dr. Edward H.F. de Haan (University of Amsterdam, 2021). I then worked as a postdoc with Prof. Dr. Martijn Meeter, investigating a computational model of reading and linking word activations during different experimental conditions to human neural (EEG) data.


ComBrainLab_logoSince February 2021, I've been working as a postdoc in the Communicative Brain lab, led by Dr. Linda Drijvers at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. In my current projects, I use MEG and rapid invisible frequency tagging to investigate audiovisual integration and attention during multimodal communication. 


Please see my personal website or my google scholar profile (or contact me) for my publications or more information.

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