Paul Trilsbeek


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  • Drude, S., Stehouwer, H., Trilsbeek, P., Broeder, D., & Sloetjes, H. (2013). Language documentation and the language archive as e-humanities centrum. Poster presented at the Soeterbeeck eHumanities Workshop, Ravenstein, The Netherlands.
  • Drude, S., Broeder, D., & Trilsbeek, P. (2013). The Language Archive as a centre of the Clarin infrastructure. Talk presented at the 2nd INNET Conference on Digital Language Archiving. Gniezno, Poland. 2013-09-06 - 2013-09-07.
  • Trilsbeek, P., Koenig, A., & Drude, S. (2013). The Language Archive. Poster presented at the 3rd International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC), “Sharing Worlds of Knowledge", Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Drude, S., & Trilsbeek, P. (2011). The ‘Language Archiving Technology’ solutions for sustainable data from digital fieldwork research. Talk presented at the PARADISEC 2011 conference „Sustainable data from digital research: Humanities perspectives on digital scholarship“. Melbourne, Australia. 2011-11-12 - 2011-11-14.

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