• Sonja Vernes

    Research Group Leader
    Neurogenetics of Vocal Communication
    +31 24 3521941
    Sonja [dot] Vernes [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Rick van Viersen

    IT Support Technician
    Technical Group
    +31 24 3521116
    Rick [dot] vanViersen [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Arianna Vino

    Research Assistant
    Language and Genetics Department
    +31 24 3521937
    Arianna [dot] Vino [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Jose Wannet

    +31 24 3521911
    Jose [dot] Wannet [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Johan Weustink

    Experiment Support Technician
    Technical Group
    +31 24 3521108
    Johan [dot] Weustink [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Annelies van Wijngaarden

    Research Project Coordinator
    Psychology of Language Department
    +31 24 3521232
    Annelies [dot] vanWijngaarden [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Peter Withers

    Technical Group
    +31 24 3521109
    Peter [dot] Withers [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Merel Wolf

    PhD Student
    Psychology of Language Department Language Development Department
    +31 24 3521381
    Merel [dot] Wolf [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Maggie Wong

    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Language and Genetics Department
    +31 24 3521953
    Maggie [dot] Wong [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Jinbiao Yang

    PhD Student
    International Max Planck Research School
    Jinbiao [dot] Yang [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Pascal Zoetekouw

    Operations Technical Group
    +31 24 3521190
    Pascal [dot] Zoetekouw [at] mpi [dot] nl

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