• Penelope Brown

    Guest Researcher
    Language and Cognition Department
    Penelope [dot] Brown [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Francesca Carota

    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Neural Dynamics of Language Production
    +31 24 3521569
    Francesca [dot] Carota [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Marisa Casillas

    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Language Development Department
    +31 24 3521245
    Marisa [dot] Casillas [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Melis Cetincelik

    PhD Student
    Language Development Department
    +31 24 3521458
    Melis [dot] Cetincelik [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Pattarawat Chormai

    PhD Student
    Language and Genetics Department
    +31 24 3521931
    Pattarawat [dot] Chormai [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Ludy Cilissen

    Research Data Manager
    Technical Group
    +31 24 3521152
    Ludy [dot] Cilissen [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Cas Coopmans

    PhD Student
    Neurobiology of Language Department
    +31 24 3521331
    Cas [dot] Coopmans [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Ava Creemers

    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Psychology of Language Department
    +31 24 3521380
    Ava [dot] Creemers [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Anne Cutler

    Director (Emer.)
    Language Comprehension Department
    Anne [dot] Cutler [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Caitlin Decuyper

    Research Assistant
    Psychology of Language Department
    +31 24 3521372
    Caitlin [dot] Decuyper [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Jeroen Derks

    Experiment Support Technician
    Technical Group
    +31 24 3521595
    Jeroen [dot] Derks [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Maurice van Deutekom

    System Administrator
    Technical Group
    +31 24 3521477
    Maurice [dot] vanDeutekom [at] mpi [dot] nl

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