Beneficiary and other roles of the dative in Tashelhiyt

Rapold, C. J. (2010). Beneficiary and other roles of the dative in Tashelhiyt. In F. Zúñiga, & S. Kittilä (Eds.), Benefactives and malefactives: Typological perspectives and case studies (pp. 351-376). Amsterdam: Benjamins.
This paper explores the semantics of the dative in Tashelhiyt, a Berber language from Morocco. After a brief morphosyntactic overview of the dative in this language, I identify a wide range of its semantic roles, including possessor, experiencer, distributive and unintending causer. I arrange these roles in a semantic map and propose semantic links between the roles such as metaphorisation and generalisation. In the light of the Tashelhiyt data, the paper also proposes additions to previous semantic maps of the dative (Haspelmath 1999, 2003) and to Kittilä’s 2005 typology of beneficiary coding.
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