Providing Signed Content on the Internet by Synthesized Animation

Kennaway, J., Glauert, J., & Zwitserlood, I. (2007). Providing Signed Content on the Internet by Synthesized Animation. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI), 14(3), 15. doi:10.1145/1279700.1279705.
Written information is often of limited accessibility to deaf people who use sign language. The eSign project was undertaken as a response to the need for technologies enabling efficient production and distribution over the Internet of sign language content. By using an avatar-independent scripting notation for signing gestures and a client-side web browser plug-in to translate this notation into motion data for an avatar, we achieve highly efficient delivery of signing, while avoiding the inflexibility of video or motion capture. Tests with members of the deaf community have indicated that the method can provide an acceptable quality of signing.
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Journal article
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