Finding patterns in strings using suffix arrays

Stehouwer, H., & Van Zaanen, M. (2010). Finding patterns in strings using suffix arrays. In M. Ganzha, & M. Paprzycki (Eds.), Proceedings of the International Multiconference on Computer Science and Information Technology, October 18–20, 2010. Wisła, Poland (pp. 505-511). IEEE.
Finding regularities in large data sets requires implementations of systems that are efficient in both time and space requirements. Here, we describe a newly developed system that exploits the internal structure of the enhanced suffixarray to find significant patterns in a large collection of sequences. The system searches exhaustively for all significantly compressing patterns where patterns may consist of symbols and skips or wildcards. We demonstrate a possible application of the system by detecting interesting patterns in a Dutch and an English corpus.
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Proceedings paper
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