Business listings in automatic directory assistance

Scharenborg, O., Sturm, J., & Boves, L. (2001). Business listings in automatic directory assistance. In Interspeech - Eurospeech 2001 - 7th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (pp. 2381-2384). ISCA Archive.
So far most attempts to automate Directory Assistance services focused on private listings, because it is not known precisely how callers will refer to a business listings. The research described in this paper, carried out in the SMADA project, tries to fill this gap. The aim of the research is to model the expressions people use when referring to a business listing by means of rules, in order to automatically create a vocabulary, which can be part of an automated DA service. In this paper a rule-base procedure is proposed, which derives rules from the expressions people use. These rules are then used to automatically create expressions from directory listings. Two categories of businesses, viz. hospitals and the hotel and catering industry, are used to explain this procedure. Results for these two categories are used to discuss the problem of the over- and undergeneration of expressions.
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Proceedings paper
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