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Language archiving tools (LAT)

With the help of funds from the European Commission, the Volkswagen Stiftung and German and Dutch funding agencies and authorities, in close collaboration with the linguists, The Language Archive (until 2011, the Technical Group) is developing tools and infrastructures that allow the maintenance of a well-organized and consistent archive. The LAT software package consists of a set of software tools consisting of language archive utility tools and resource enrichment tools. The tools and infrastructures are compliant to international standards where possible. Where necessary TLA is participating actively in the creation of international standards to foster interoperability. more >

ISOcat annotation tool

ISO 12620 provides a framework for defining data categories. IsoCatAccording to the framework, each data category is assigned a unique identifier. In addition, the Data Category Registry (DCR) contains linguistic descriptions, such as definitions, associated value domains, and examples. The mission of the DCR is to overcome problems associated with semantic interoperability in language related data resources. ISOcat is the new DCR implementation. more>

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The Technical Group (TG) of Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics has  a team of software developers devoted to the development of software for linguistic research and for the creation of an infrastructure for archiving and management of linguistic research data. To achieve an international standard the TG works together in various research infrastructure projects. 


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