1177Accessible tree manipulation from 'edit all metadata' hierarchical viewenhancement
1292Actor Role should optionally be shown in Node nameArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
3359Add a dot directory to store journal and history like svn etc.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
3336Add a list of previously used values to similar to open/closed vocabularies. This can probably work in conjunction with the existing vocabularies and utilise the frequency of a value to order the suggestions.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
1392'Add al optional elements' menu itemfeature request
2301"Add" context menu grows too large on MacArbil 2.8 releasedefect
2167add corpus nodes to favouritesArbil 2.8 releasefeature request
572"add corpus" should be renamed to "add corpus node"task
2469Add description field with field language by clicking greyed out cell in tableArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
3354Add file browser entry points via the installers to add/edit multiple.Marbil(part 1): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
1519Add Import function to local corpus right clickArbil 2.7 releasefeature request
3630Add improvements of widget spelling to the testing from the trunkArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
3999adding from favorites into different subsides of the LC should not be possibleArbil 2.7 releasedefect
138adding media files from strangely named folders (+) has problemsdefect
1504Adding new fields in table view should be possiblefeature request
2209Adding resources in bulk, with the option to create a metadata file per resource file.enhancement
2468Add key field by clicking greyed out cell in tableArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
12Add multipleenhancement
2470Add optional field by clicking greyed out cell in tableArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
1639add option to not open new tables when adding >N new itemsenhancement
1916add possibility to check a whole (sub) tree for XML conformanceArbil 2.7 releasefeature request
2530add possibility to make a deep copy of corporaArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
1898Add profile from URL in wizard, 'no profile selected' warningArbil 2.7 releasedefect
1290Add/remove search term button ambiguousenhancement
3908add resource metadata for CMDIfeature request
1913Add search results export file for use in ELAN.enhancement
2472Add shortcuts to Arbil manual for version 2.5Arbil 2.7 releasedocumentation
914add support for other languagesenhancement
2813add 'technical details' section of Arbil help as appendix to the manualdocumentation
1394Add view/create metadata actions to the OS file browser based on file extensions (for the installed version of Arbil only)enhancement
1025All nodes in one table should allow drop from favouritesenhancement
1024All nodes in table needs to have usage descriptionsenhancement
11allow deletion of unwanted templatesenhancement
2595Allow sorting by the leftmost column in the table: a-z, z-a and by node type.Arbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
2284Anonyms can be added multiple timesdefect
2669Application icon not showingdefect
4322Arbil cannot resolve IMDI remote locationdefect
2779arbil can take advantage of new typechecker categoriesArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
3629Arbil closed vocabulary to choose from: doublingArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
3578Arbil CMDI does not reload known file with new contentArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
3576Arbil CMDI indicate type required to be filled in for metadataArbil 2.7 releasefeature request
3667Arbil CMDI: no icon is shown when option 'Check permissions for remote resources' is markedArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3573Arbil CMDI no "overwrite local changes" dialogue/option appearsArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3579Arbil CMDI no preview of JPG added in table in local corpus for higher level nodeArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3646Arbil CMDI search: Imdicategories are in CMDI ModusArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3577Arbil CMDI tables make column fit content not workingArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3619Arbil (CMDI windows) Logging errorsArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3660Arbil Column find/replace contextmenu option breaksArbil 2.7 releasedefect
1452Arbil context menu gets array out of boundsdefect
3622Arbil copy in WDs and pasting in node in LC not possibleArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3590Arbil "copy new resources into cache" does not workArbil 2.7 releasedefect
1940Arbil could provide a help cursor triggered via the help menu, that allows the user to click on a UI item, which then opens the relevant section in the internal help.enhancement
2873Arbil creates cumbersome folder structure during exportArbil 2.8 releasedefect
4888Arbil does not fill in the Name attribute of CorpusLinksdefect
3581Arbil does not inform about the need to restart when moving local corpus storage directoryArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
3580Arbil does not move local corpus storage directoryArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3604Arbil does not recognize {0}Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
3205Arbil doesn't properly validate IMDI ISO language codeArbil 2.8 releasedefect
2062Arbil doesn't save key namesArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3594Arbil fails to delete fields in table via column headerArbil 2.7 releasedefect
4415Arbil freezes during searchdefect
4710Arbil freezes quite often when importing large files into a corpusdefect
1938Arbil help could make use of ArbilScript and provide a show me link, that would highlight UI areas in the application or open dialogues or menus.enhancement
3323Arbil import to local corpus from files - option to add even resourcesArbil 2.7 releasedefect
1008Arbil search: regular expressions and wildcards and constraint optionsArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
2296Arbil should allow files of type, by right clicking a resource and adding the selected file type to the type checker configuration file.enhancement
3901Arbil should warn about unsuitable file namesdefect
2681Asked to replace file when doing export of collection with children with same display nameArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3356Assess if part 1 is best done in swing using existing arbil components or with the new GWT components.Marbil(part 1): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
2137Attributes with CV do not get drop down in long field editordefect
2198Automatically create corpus structure from directory structure (folders + files)enhancement
2316automatic restartArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
2601"Calculator" module or plugin that takes a number of fields (XPaths) and calculates or derives the value for a given field based on the provided fields.Arbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
583Cannot login with a username and a password to access corporaenhancement
2687Catch redundant message dialoguesArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3989Cell highlighting in the search results should follow the case (in)sensitiveness of the searchArbil 2.7 releasedefect
2077Clarin users also need to have Genre/Subgenre functionality.Arbil 2.8 releasedefect
2357Clicking name field should start editing in single table viewArbil 2.7 releasedefect
4007(CMDI) attributes in the metadata table fields need editingArbil 2.7 releasefeature request
4006(CMDI) bad rendering of the language dropdown menu in the metadata table fieldsArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3666CMDI: drag and drop from favorites does not work properly.Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
3734CMDI language component is not bundled with Arbildefect
73CMDI maxOccurs not respecteddefect
98CMDI: restrict input for type booleanenhancement
669collect a vocabulary of custom vocabulary terms enter by the userenhancement
1287Column functions do not work properlydefect
1299column matching in search should be CONTAINS instead of EQUALSenhancement
2579Column width resizes in Windows 7 and Ubuntu when new node added to tableArbil 2.7 releasedefect
2361Concurrency exception may occur while reloading CV'sArbil 2.8 releasedefect
992Convert IMDI to CMDI on request or when addingenhancement
44copying an unsaved session that was created by copy-pastingArbil 2.8 releasedefect
1917Copy/Paste 'horizontal' view and multiple cells from external editorArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
3355Create a datanode that combines equivalent fields from multiple metadata files so they can be bulk edited.Marbil(part 1): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
2831Create a separate section in technical details for XSL custom informationArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
1967Create FAQ for Arbiltask
14Ctrl-A and copying a tabel and pasting sometimes foulsenhancement
1638Cursor keys behaviour not consistent with platformdefect
2122CV link not inserted into element in IMDI instanceArbil 2.7 releasedefect
1601Deal with remote URI's that differ only in casedefect
2871Deal with schemata over httpsArbil 2.7 releasedefect
1424Delete metadata file keeping history and allowing resurrectionenhancement
1895Delete multiple subnodesfeature request
3991delete partial importenhancement
631Deleting/overwriting column views.Arbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
1293Description Language is only shown when editingenhancement
2736details window after import/export cannot be resizedArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
3251Determine metadata type from contentArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
2710display value doesn't go back to nothingArbil 2.7 releasedefect
2180dragging multiple files onto one session causes program to hangdefect
3893dragging of resources to another session is not possibledefect
3358Each metadata file is on disk next to the relevant resources.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
3923Editing on a parent directory would allow all contained sessions to be editedMarbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
72element list exceeds screen sizedefect
3420Enhancing Security with Manifest AttributesArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
4427error message on failed resource download should be more specificenhancement
2123error when exporting valid IMDI sessionArbil 2.7 releasedefect
961Ethnography Templatefeature request
1226Explain all menu items under "options" with pop-up helpenhancement
1778Export behaviour for metadata files linked multiple times in corpusArbil 2.8 releasedefect
4901fail more gracefully during importdefect
550Failure of importing two the same corpora to the Local Corpus.enhancement
966Favorites vs Templatesdefect
62favourite backupsenhancement
3569favourites import window has no close buttondefect
2764Field name search and history drop down should be case insensitive or at least congruentArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3306Field updates failArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3307field values don't show up in correct column in multi-node tabledefect
3051File browser integration for subset features of Arbil, aka MarbilMarbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
2732file manager cannot be opened on XFCEdefect
1385Filter CMDI profiles on basis of 'domain' property (and possibly 'group')Arbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
2541Find and Replace doesn't Workdefect
1955Find/replace: replace allenhancement
1954Find/replace: wrap aroundArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
758Flexible Suffixenhancement
2726function to print out corpus structurefeature request
2918Handle XML errors of non-CMDI XML files in working directories more gracefullyArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
2553(Help) Window Position and close/move window bardefect
929High CPUdefect
1291History rev numbers are shown twicedefect
1399Image preview in the Working Directories.feature request
2607Image thumbnails on image files in Working Directories and CMDI'sArbil 2.8 releasedefect
2639import CMDI files from Working DirectoryArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
2788import dialog gets really wide if you import a lot of sessionsdefect
4212Import dialogue shows up off screen not correctly centred, which makes the application unusable.Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
571importing a large number of files makes import dialog too widedefect
1513Import issues when copying IMDI's from working directorydefect
2318improve communication of errors while updating CVsArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
573improving tools for dealing with validation errorsArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
4179Incorrect relative paths to resources on different drives on WindowsArbil 2.7 releasedefect
4327Installer always produces Windows desktop iconArbil 2.7 releasedefect
580"Interviewee" request for the role field of the actorenhancement
659ISO code should always match language nameenhancement
1289It is not possible to delete subfiles from the working directories on the lower level.feature request
104It should be possible to add Info linksArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
2003It would be good to have a menu item in the table to change the case of the values in a column; to upper, lower and camel case.Arbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
74jump to in treedefect
686keep leftmost column in multi-session table visible when scrollingenhancement
3497Keep reference to pre-redirect URI (e.g. handle) in data nodeArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
1169Keyboard actions for context menu faildefect
1650Keyboard shortcuts for UI panelsArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
2098Language select list for CMDIArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
597languages vocabulary sub set for the actor language vocabularyenhancement
629Let user confirm save actions triggered by application eventsenhancement
1386Let user select domain as step in setup wizardenhancement
1502Linking 'favourites' via XIncludesArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
3657Linux/Ubuntu Arbil open in external application/error log do not workArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3623Linux VMware: Arbil gets automatically uninstalled if program Imagemagick is installed.Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
140Linux: Window manager complains about Arbil indicating something that "doesn't make much sense"defect
4034Localisation: missing stringsArbil 2.7 releasedefect
924Local metadata not editable in table, node still loadingdefect
985lock files for network share usersenhancement
3281Log console can freeze application in webstartArbil 2.7 releasedefect
1645Log file written to HD rootdefect
1387Long field editor shows 'key name' in CMDI fiels with attribute 'Name'defect
1384Main class for basic metadata view/edit modeArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
2683Make Arbil work with graphicsmagickArbil 2.7 releasetask
1503Make deep typechecking optionalenhancement
1605Make locations relative to storage directoryArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
2620Make long description language names visibleArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
1643Make table window title dynamicArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
120Menu entry "Column Views" could also hold "Edit this Column View" and "Save Current Column View"enhancement
4323Merge support for localURI attributeArbil 2.7 releasetask
3349Metadata creation wizard, including bulk metadata creation.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
2535Migrate JNLP and installer files from lux09 to ems05 servertask
4035Missing space in Arbil window managerArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3353Modify the expanded tree/table of the metadata with buttons for each addable component and x for delete component.Marbil(part 1): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
2270Modify the tree config file so that files within the cache/project directory are unresolved, allowing the same directory to be used via different paths. Eg. when working on network drives or when the directory is moved by the user.enhancement
944more foolproof date entryenhancement
56more friendly way to allow blocked extensionsenhancement
1553Move Local Corpus Storage Directory Faildefect
3360Name each history file based on the UUID rather than the file name, so that file renames don't corrupt the history.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
833new category "Overhearer" for Actor Rolesenhancement
1275Node tooltip should have size limitArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
137No image preview when using the webstart version (on Windows)Arbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
947only download resource files of certain typeenhancement
2166only show 'error' message if there are errorsArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
2104On the fly validation of fields with common xml typesArbil 2.7 releasedefect
20open files with custom applicationsenhancement
2381open in external application doesn't work on Windows 7Arbil 2.8 releasedefect
1205Opening resources in web applications such as Anexenhancement
3735open the appropriate help tab on startupenhancement
1082open the whole tree of several imdisfeature request
2875Optionally show both node type and display value in treeArbil 2.8 releasefeature request
1607Optionally warn users when attempting to remove mandatory nodes/fieldsenhancement
3361Optional project directories.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
2874Option to add all optional fieldsfeature request
2789option to add optional field to multiple nodes in a tablefeature request
2600Option to disable all typecheckingArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
589option to edit all sessions below a nodeenhancement
1888option to run a XSLT on a selected documentArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
610option to run a XSLT on a set of documentsArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
1820order of nodes in 'edit all metadata'Arbil 2.8 releasedefect
1719Partial matches in remote searchdefect
2618Poor performance on large CMDI corpusArbil 2.8 releasedefect
106Pop-up information in the wrong column in "edit this column view"defect
1505Possibility to interrupt typecheckingenhancement
1282Possibly corrupt window state on Mac causes minimized start and repaint issuesdefect
110Possibly rename menu item "Option / Local Corpus Storage Directory"enhancement
3357Pre handle UUID and current change UUID for each file. (this requires more discussion)Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
586Problems when selecting cells from different columnsdefect
3560provide Arbil installer for non-Debian-based Linux distrosfeature request
1899README, INSTALL and LICENSE filetask
122Re-enable "Jump to in Tree" and "Track Table Selection in Tree"Arbil 2.7 releasetask
1576Re-import multiple nodesArbil 2.8 releasedefect
127"Reload" in "Files" only updates the tree view, not the previewenhancement
1640"Remember my choice" on dialog boxesArbil 2.8 releasedefect
47Remember the folder I selected for export (not just the drive)enhancement
48Remember the options I set when first exporting, and start the export immediatelyenhancement
57remote resource iconenhancement
651Remote search fails.enhancement
3117Remove blue tick on icon functionalityArbil 2.7 releasedefect
2304remove "protected resource requested" messageArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3366Replace the context menu by providing an expanded tree/table of the metadata with buttons for each addable component and x for delete component.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
1002Reported crash when searching imported corpusdefect
1295Reported number of searched nodes differs between 2.2 and 2.3defect
1573Request for Rows and columns to be interchangeable in interaction window of multiple nodesfeature request
1641Revalidate type checker resultsArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
3364Right click to add / edit metadata for one or many files.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
1644Rotate error logArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
920Running tasks & current item statusArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
678save table columns and column sizes on application closeenhancement
2455screwed up formatting in local corpus treedefect
1278Search for erroneous nodesArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
633Searching. Dropdown menu.enhancement
1887Searching within value and date rangesArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
2590Search should allow partial column names to be searched (possibly with wildcard).Arbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
1156Search should also be available in the menuenhancement
2592Search should respond to "enter" key from the column text field as well as the other text fields.Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
3363Search widget as a self contained entry point to the application.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
2549Server timeouts when retrieving controlled vocabularies lead Arbil to freezeArbil 2.7 releasedefect
1056Share the main window size and position code with other applications.enhancement
3745show CMDI documentation elements as tooltipsenhancement
1648Show image thumbnail in preview paneArbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
899"show IMDI formatted" doesn't look nicedefect
1577Shrinking search boxes during Find and replaceArbil 2.8 releasedefect
2967Sign MacOS packagesArbil 2.7 releasetask
2554Single node tables do not function in table appletArbil 2.8 releasedefect
4116Some CMDI references are not correctly loadeddefect
107some way of cloning a resource would be niceArbil 2.7 releasedefect
1187Sort tree nodes by XML orderenhancement
1646Store local/remote tree state on quitenhancement
1005Suggestions from Thorsten (maybe should be separated out into separate tickets once discussed)enhancement
2476Suggest previously entered valuesfeature request
1974Swing EDT issues cause Arbil to misbehave at times including the applet version.defect
3600table copied for website does not open on the webpageArbil 2.7 releasedefect
2588Table search needs to have a "highlight matching cells" option.Arbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
2977Table sorting does not get preserved over copy/pasteArbil 2.7 releasedefect
2591Text file preview panel should not show the directory listing as a graphic in the preview window.Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
2210The add from favourites menu should show the node icon as well as the label in the menu sub items (in the same way as the add menu does).enhancement
1914The Arbil manual should have more information on the CSV import via the tree menu.defect
1980The Arbil tree is sorting and adding nodes out side the EDT and this is causing many issues such as flickering and icons/text being in the wrong place.Arbil 2.8 releasedefect
1912The CSV import needs to be updated to enable CMDI instances to be made.enhancement
2417The debian package generated by the installer needs to also define the licence.Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
1904The example Clarin corpus is using links to URLs and this needs to be supported similar to info links in IMDI.defect
1769The file select in Arbil need to allow arbitrary file types in its file filter.enhancement
2324The language drop down does not open when the language icon is clicked, the user needs to click left of the icon which is not intuitive.Arbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
2323The language drop down, eg description language, does not allow type ahead/auto completion.Arbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
864The order of the components is not being preserveddefect
2596The permissions icon on resources should also have textual description in the tool tip (maybe the icon next to the description).Arbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
2462The plugins directory in the classpath of the jar manifest is listed before the core jar files.Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
3362The project directory would store the favourites such that they can be shared on dropbox.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
4416There should be a 'replace all' option for search and replaceenhancement
4036The shortcut keys don't open at the right point in the internal help of the translated versions of Arbil.Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
1587Tooltip should provide more infodefect
831toot tips optionenhancement
2300Trash plugin for Arbil.Arbil 2.8 releaseenhancement
3588Typechecker configuration for new mimetypes should be automized.Arbil 2.7 releasefeature request
3817Typechecker icons get recognized only in the Files tab and not in the Local CorpusArbil 2.7 releasedefect
55type checker messagedefect
123Type checker returns type "application" for ogg and not audio or videoenhancement
3181unexpected default type/format for MediaFile and WrittenResourceArbil 2.8 releasedefect
43unicode/utf 8 dispalydefect
38unlinked files treeenhancement
4226unparseable XML is wrongly reported as IO exceptionArbil 2.7 releasedefect
3337Update the installers to provide system file browser integration to all supported platforms. IOW right click to add/edit metadata.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
133URLencoding in Arbil renders already encoded URLs invaliddefect
3282URL obtained from 'Browse for resource' on table is invalid for network resources on windowsArbil 2.7 releasedefect
2434use CLAVAS vocabulary serviceArbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
1649Use EXIF information to auto-fill fields in Sessionsenhancement
4127use latest type checker in Arbil StableArbil 2.7 releasedefect
1021User suggestions for Arbil GUI improvements following the instruction course on the 7th sep 2011enhancement
987user suggestions specific to CMDIenhancement
3746UTF8 is not always rendered correctlydefect
2274Valid XML resource in Working Directories: Arbil displays error message, not the file.Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
1277View differences (e.g. local vs remote)Arbil 2.8 releasefeature request
2449Viewing zip resources causes temporary freezeArbil 2.7 releasedefect
943warn of remote changesenhancement
3533weird export behaviourdefect
4711weird integer overflow in 'export with resources' windowdefect
1979When a imdi file or cmdi file has an error in its data it should be shown in red in the tree. This no longer works for IMDI and should be repaired.Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
2207When dragging multiple session from favourites to local corpus root, only one gets addedArbil 2.7 releasedefect
2594When the table has 4000 or so rows it works but slowly, it would be helpful to show a busy cursor when it is still loading or sorting etc..Arbil 2.7 releaseenhancement
3417When the type checker takes a very long time, offer the user an option to disable the typechecker (either totality or for given set or type of files or size of files).Arbil 2.7 releasedefect
128When using the "history" function the revision information behind meta nodes does not disappear when reverting to "last saved"defect
2475White space abundance in IMDI filedefect
16wizard scriptenhancement
3365Wizard to generate bulk metadata with compact or expanded fields for each files.Marbil(part 2): mini Arbil with file browser integration using sidecar files rather than the local corpus.enhancement
1642Wrapping/auto resize in table cellsenhancement
2543Write plugin for favourites import/export supporting Arbil 2.4enhancement
2778WrittenResource.Type and WrittenResource.SubType are not connectedArbil 2.7 releasedefect
4126wrong error message when a file cannot be parseddefect
3849XML files are read as CMDI profiles and cannot be linked to corpora/sessionsdefect