551CMDI: edit attributesArbil 2.3 CMDI supportenhancement
595make the definition from ISOcat viewableArbil 2.3 CMDI supportenhancement
1009Presentation of container nodesArbil 2.3 CMDI supportenhancement
1026wizard on first run to select imdi/cmdi and remote locations and profile etc.Arbil 2.3 CMDI supportenhancement
1149CMDI export/import local schemaArbil 2.3 CMDI supportdefect
1166Arbitrary resource proxy referencesArbil 2.3 CMDI supportdefect
1186Profile filteringArbil 2.3 CMDI supportenhancement
2272Faceted tree with options for each branch level as to which metadata field defines its branches.A testable implementation of a xml database search for use in Arbil search.enhancement
42Adding new resources generates too many windowsArbil 2.4 releasedefect
109Arbil does not display images with graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat (Ubuntu default)Arbil 2.4 releasedefect
147Microsoft Windows: "Options / Templates & Profiles..." is partly hidden behind the task barArbil 2.4 releasedefect
1028Extend Arbil help / documentationArbil 2.4 releasedocumentation
1189sorting of CV's with display nameArbil 2.4 releasedefect
1369custom filetypes.txt documentation/helpArbil 2.4 releasedocumentation
1370CMDI documentationArbil 2.4 releasedocumentation
1412The cmdi profile reader does not need to cache all the schemas for off line use.Arbil 2.4 releasedefect
1431Prepare new release after 2.3 release with updated version of Saxon libraryArbil 2.4 releasetask
1436Support OpenJDK 7 JREArbil 2.4 releasetesting
1437Perform Linux testing on OpenJDK 7 environmentArbil 2.4 releasetesting
1584Edit IMDI language box too longArbil 2.4 releasedefect
1684Options in import/export dialogArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
1686some invalid field values are not marked redArbil 2.4 releasedefect
1687MPI-Languages is not loaded correctlyArbil 2.4 releasetesting
1754can't close import dialogArbil 2.4 releasedefect
1756useless/not functional 'Save Settings' in import dialogArbil 2.4 releasedefect
1757strange temp files in Arbil exportArbil 2.4 releasedefect
1837include new type checkerArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
1937Arbil's internal help needs to be updated by populating it with the docbook manual output when building the installers.Arbil 2.4 releasedefect
1966Arbil cannot be launched on Windows 7 - 64 bit and cannot be installed on Ubuntu 32 and 64 bit open JDKArbil 2.4 releasedefect
1970When an imdi file is not found on disk Arbil should show the file not found icon (not the red question mark which is used to indicate unkown type).Arbil 2.4 releasedefect
1977NullPointerException in array sort when showing child nodes in tableArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2057Session/Corpus icons should indicate whether file has been imported from archiveArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2105Reloading of manually added CMDI profilesArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2144When dragging multiple resource files for media and written application freezes.Arbil 2.4 releasetesting
2185Reloading CMDI profiles should also refresh manual additionArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2190Editing mutilingual fields in CMDI is too slowArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2204Make opening of new window when adding (multiple) resources optionalArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
2205Prevent intermediate reloading when adding multiple resourcesArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
2269update link to Arbil forumArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2283show both code and human readable nameArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2299Arbil has an issue with some character sets in the user name on windows 7.Arbil 2.4 releasedefect
2367Remove shibboleth negotiator code and required library from branchArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
2377Add test item to check help contents against manualArbil 2.4 releasetesting
2379Merge plugins menu into 2.4 branchArbil 2.4 releasetask
2380Add ignore list for data category URIsArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
2385Option to view license from about windowArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
2413Add GPL boilerplate to all source files and checkArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
2415Do not allow xml:* attributes to be addedArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2419Shortcut in installed version points to wrong location in Windows 7Arbil 2.4 releasedefect
2420Icon not showing in unityArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2428Session template contains invalid References elementArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2456Update Arbil manuals for 2.4Arbil 2.4 releasetask
2529document the behaviour of corpus copyArbil 2.4 releasedocumentation
2539Open Imdi formatting not redirecting to IMDI browserArbil 2.4 releasetesting
2585No Thumbnail Preview for Working directoryArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2602Fatal error on export with resource links that end in /Arbil 2.4 releasetesting
2609Copying node can lead to incorrect order in CMDIArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2661Invalid references in export of IMDI corpora and CMDI collections with same display nameArbil 2.4 releasedefect
2686Final testing of Arbil 2.4Arbil 2.4 releasetesting
2725Scan directories for pluginsArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
2749new template for Language and Genetics sessionArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
2765Table context menu item to show context of row nodeArbil 2.4 releaseenhancement
19import or share favouritesArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
21group favourites by typeArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
31greyed out fields should be editableArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
657Usage descriptions are missingArbil 2.5 releasedefect
1153Tree structure options for CMDIArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
1170When the search returns only one row, it should be shown as a single row.Arbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
1245"Type in cell in arbil" needs to delete not append, to append maybe space.Arbil 2.5 releasedocumentation
1272Confirmation dialog for overwrite on importArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
1273Feedback in Search windowArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
1276Deleting field and nodes from tableArbil 2.5 releasefeature request
1308Copying a resource file doesnt fill in the type and sizeArbil 2.5 releasetesting
1403add overwrite option for exportArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
1470Get proper profile name for profile from manual URLArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
1692'Add to root of tree' option for remote locationArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
1797Lazy/shallow loading of nodes for tree viewsArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
1981The hot key (ctrl+/ctrl-) to change the font size in Arbil needs to added to the manual and the menu system.Arbil 2.5 releasedefect
2168Add find/replace item to edit menuArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
2195Let Arbil update controlled vocabulary autmaticallyArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
2212Race condition between saving changes and filling auto fields for added resourcesArbil 2.5 releasetesting
2229The table cell in the Arbil table does not show its value when selected and the icons are not being rendered correctly due to EDT issues.Arbil 2.5 releasedefect
2317All languages selected should be a wild cardArbil 2.5 releasedefect
2396Internationalisation for Arbil and KinOathArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
2782Document 'Show Context' menu itemArbil 2.5 releasedocumentation
2793Logging through slf4jArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
2826Option to manually add to typechecker queueArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
2828Option to select application languageArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
2834Accept handles as remote locationsArbil 2.5 releasedefect
2847Fix Swing EDT issues with ArbilTableArbil 2.5 releasedefect
2866Error when adding HTTPS location for specific serversArbil 2.5 releasedefect
2872Update CMDI example collection URIArbil 2.5 releasedefect
2879Possible issue with node loading stateArbil 2.5 releasedefect
2885Arbil does not start up properly with Java 5 due to plugin frameworkArbil 2.5 releasedefect
2908copyMetadataFile in CmdiUtils should not swallow exceptionsArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
2916Do not try to load CMDI resources that are XMLArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
2922Document 'blue tick' for resource copied into local corpusArbil 2.5 releasedocumentation
2936resource type icons not shown in IMDI sessionArbil 2.5 releasedefect
2975Add to test plan: copy/paste to excelArbil 2.5 releasetesting
3034Add application version number to manualArbil 2.5 releasedocumentation
3198Test without network on first run of the application.Arbil 2.5 releasetesting
3214Arbil starts the shrinks the window size to an unusable size.Arbil 2.5 releasedefect
3330Add testing of keyboard shortcuts to test planArbil 2.5 releasetesting
3340Disable grey cell editing for 2.5 branchArbil 2.5 releasetask
3415Show message when waiting for typechecker to complete before application exitArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
3498Race condition in loading nodesArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3537Update Arbil manuals for 2.5Arbil 2.5 releasedocumentation
3538Testing of Arbil 2.5Arbil 2.5 releasetesting
3556The first time you click on 'Search' you get the wrong number of resultsArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3568Location.Country field is a closed field in the testing version of ArbilArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3574Import Branch window opening when moving an actor from favoritesArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3575Section missing from online user manualArbil 2.5 releasedocumentation
3584Web start may break because of permissions in JAR manifestArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3587Option 'Add from favorites' does not workArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3605Arbil on Windows (7?) cannot find the path specifiedArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3611add media files to local corpus via right click menu show strange information in the table coming outArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3612Option "make column fit content" does not re-arrange columns properlyArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3624Option 'New Location' (metadata export) does not work properlyArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3631Images in Help are not fully shownArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3645Arbil CMDI does not produce any pop up with restart request after switching language (MAC)Arbil 2.5 releasedefect
3647Arbil CMDI search no case sensitivityArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3665Imported resources do not display their names.Arbil 2.5 releasedefect
3730missing CV in ArbilArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3784Search results are inconsistentArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3816Insert Manual Resource Location brokenArbil 2.5 releasedefect
3841New strings need translationArbil 2.5 releaseenhancement
3911trim URLS pasted in the 'add remote location' windowArbil 2.5 releasedefect
4005default remote locations shouldn't use qfs1Arbil 2.6defect
4143Support (read and write) lcl:localURI CMDI extensionArbil 2.6enhancement
4308Window resizes after startArbil 2.6defect
4324Testing of Arbil 2.6Arbil 2.6testing
4362Update localURI namespaceArbil 2.6enhancement
4566Option to convert IMDI to CMDIArbil 2.6enhancement
4603CMDI export follows handles, not local URIsArbil 2.6defect
4646No error message for invalid IMDI files when converted to CMDI during exportArbil 2.6defect
4647Previously exported files (IMDI to CMDI) are automatically overwrittenArbil 2.6defect
4662sessions with the same name trigger overwrite dialogueArbil 2.6defect
4731upgrading Arbil removes it from pathArbil 2.6defect
4733Automated check for non-https archive locationsArbil 2.6enhancement