Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

State of the MPI-Tools and known bugs

Please use a MPI Bug Report for reporting bugs or requesting features.

Tool name

Version Status Known Bugs Comment

IMDI browser (web version)

0.99 running    
IMDI Metadata search 0.99 running    


0.99 running   There is a 2Gb limit when uploading files into a workspace. If you have more data you should use upload more than once.
0.99 running    
0.9 running   Install Quicktime


3.7.2 available    

The software is protected by copyright and is available free-of-charge for all scientific and educational work. For commercial usage and usage within companies special arrangements have to be made. In general no support can be given. In case you need special arrangements, please send an email to