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This page has been moved to the LAT (Language Archiving Technology) site.


Note: the Windows and Linux installer versions include a Java Runtime Environment!

ELAN for Windows

Installer: ELAN v 2.6.3 Win installer

Webstart: ELAN v 2.6.3 for Windows

ELAN for Mac OS X

Installer: ELAN v 2.6.3 Mac installer

Webstart: ELAN v 2.6.3 for Mac OS X

ELAN for Linux

Installer: ELAN v 2.6.3 Linux installer

Previous versions
(webstart, installers and sources)
Previous versions can be found here

Software requirements   


Manual /
The manual for ELAN 2.6 (pdf): read

A "getting started" guide (pdf) can be found here.

Here is an overview page of the keyboard mappings of the extended IPA input method.
Release notes read

Source code
(for version 2.6.3)   

Sources available under GNU Public License

Read the release notes.

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Example Set

Annotation    Video    Audio
Complete example set in a single zip file

Sign language examples

Annotation    Video 1    Video 2
Complete sign example set in a single zip file

Supported Hardware 9X, NT, 2000, XP