N E S U (W2K) ( v.200207)

Hardware requirements:

- Pentium 400 or equivalent or faster processor.

- At least 256 MB of memory.

- 2 GB available hard disk space.

- Display adapter with >32 Mb local memory : eg matrox 550.

- Sound adapter: eg Soundblaster live.


System Requirements:

- Nesu requires a computer running Windows 2000 Microsoft operating system

with Direct X 8 installed.

- In case of a P4 processor W2K must be installed in the ACPI mode.

- The nesubox requires a printerport set in ecp/epp mode (bios setup) and the interrupts enabled

(use the device manager)

(device manager->ports->ecp printer port->settings->use any interrupt assigned to the port).

- In multi monitor mode the first connector on the card must be connected to the subject monitor

and the 2-de to the experimenter monitor.

Run display properties(settings) and specify monitor 2 as the primary display , monitor 1 as an

extended display and reposition monitors (2 1).

Donít forget to drag your desktop to the new primary display and reboot.

Setup Nesu:


file makes use of the Microsoft Windows Installer which must also be available on your machine before you can proceed with the installation of the Nesu software.

Start the setup process by double-clicking on the MSI file and proceed through the various steps to copy the software onto your computer.

Reboot the system.

Running Nesu:

Preparing stimuli:

Preparing Eatís:

Just the showPlane function expects an image name

instead of a plane nr.

Eg. GraphicDevice At:10 load:anImage.

GraphicDevice At:100 showPlane:anImage.

New in version 200207 - improved handling multiple pictures.
- added 48 bits digital I/O board (nudaq pci-7248 Adlink techn).
- added drag & drop features (eg eyetracker experiments).
- added moving pictures.
- added nesubox1 support.