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Workshop: Perspectives on Language Development

In this one-day workshop, we will discuss current perspectives on language development. Please see the programme for details. All welcome to attend.

09.00 Coffee
09.25 Antje Meyer: Introduction
09.30 Bob McMurray
Building abstraction from simple developmental mechanisms: Case studies in speech perception, word learning, reading and communicative disorders
10.20 Michael Ramscar
The discriminative approach to language learning and communication
11.10 Coffee
11.30 Celeste Kidd
Rational approaches to learning and development
12.20 Lunch
14.00 Anne Christophe
Computing a syntactic skeleton with phrasal prosody and function words
14.50 Shanley Allen
Investigating the development of the bilingual language faculty: A sentence
processing perspective
15.40 Coffee
16.00 General Discussion
17.00 Closing

Where and when:
09:00-17:00 Oct 14, 2014
MPI, conference room 1.63
Evelyn Veen, , phone +31-24-3521336

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