Corpus Exploitation Software for CGN

last update: May 30, 2005


On this page you can find the latest news on new releases, known bugs, installation problems and software updates concerning COREX.

COREX is the CORpus EXploitation software by means of which the Spoken Dutch Corpus (CGN) can be exploited. The user of the COREX program can listen to the speech files, view the multiple annotations and conduct searches in the corpus. COREX supports easy navigation through sub corpora, either based on predefined or user defined metadata groupings, such as the speaker’s sex and age and many other metadata. The speech signal can be played in synchronisation with the display of the annotation data. Queries for tokens as well as statistical queries can be conducted in the annotation data.


  • How to use a central storage location for CGN audio/data files (there is no support on this feature!)
  • COREX 6 update1 has been released. (Only for COREX6)
  • NEW!: COREX 6 update2 has been released (Only for COREX6). First install update1 !!!

See the release history page for more information on earlier releases of COREX.


The latest information on known bugs can be found at the TST bugzilla. Take a look at the update section for recommended software updates.


Remarks about errors in the COREX software, not mentioned in /corex/doc/known-bugs.txt of the annotation DVD or in the bugs section, may be send to (please state 'COREX' in the subject field). For remarks about errors in the data, see the CGN website.

More information about the Spoken Dutch Corpus can be found on the CGN website: There you find announcements of usergroup workshops and new releases of the corpus.

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