A.1. Descriptions

A Descriptions schema contains a prose description that could serve as a reminder (to you or others) of the circumstances of data collection. Descriptions schemata are not searchable.

The Descriptions schema is structured as follows:

Description schema

Figure A.1. Description schema

  1. The language in which the description is written (e.g., in English)

  2. The available descriptions (e.g., there are 2 descriptions available, one in English, one in Goemai)

  3. A prose description

  4. A link to another file (e.g., to a *.pdf file containing the session protocol)

  5. Click here to add another Descriptions schema, or to remove the highlighted schema

You can create descriptions in different languages, e.g., one description in English (for the research community) and one in the language under investigation (for the language community). In this case, you have to add another Descriptions schema. Do the following: