1.2.9. Saving a document

All documents can be saved as ELAN files (*.eaf, ELAN Annotation Format). This includes documents that were created by ELAN itself (see Section 1.2.2) as well as documents that were imported into ELAN from Shoebox/Toolbox, CHAT, Transcriber etc.(see Section 1.4.2). To save a document as an ELAN file:

  1. Either use the menu options:

    1. Click on File menu.

    2. Click on Save or Save as.

    3. The file chooser will suggest a file name, e.g. based on a linked media file.

  2. Or use the shortcut key CTRL+S.


Apart from the *.eaf file, a *.pfsx file will be written as well. This file contains user- and document- specific settings like the font size used to display text. The *.pfsx file can, however, be safely removed as it does not contain any annotation data.

You also can save in .eaf version 2.7 This is the old version of .eaf (prior to ELAN 4.7) If you have used the controlled vocabularies for instance in ELAN 4.7, and save to eaf version 2.7, you may lose some information (colors may not be remembered for instance).